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Armstrong Metalldecken AG

Airport Interior Design, Metal Ceiling Systems & Decorative Wall Cladding Solutions

The Armstrong Metal Ceilings Group specializes in the development, manufacture and international marketing of metal ceilings and wall systems.

Our solutions blend tradition with innovation, safety with functionality, and elegant design with solid, down-to-earth practicality. And the renowned Armstrong quality is evident not just in the products themselves but also in our services and project management.

From the very first contact with the customer right through to maintenance and support, we ensure that our ceiling and wall systems integrate lighting, air-conditioning, acoustics, information technology and fire protection into a single harmonious whole.

How can the ceiling respond to the complex geometrical design of an airport?
Solution: Armstrong metal ceilings – Between us, ideas become reality.

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Airport Interior Design, Complete metal ceiling systems and decorative wall cladding solutions - 03/01/2011

Armstrong Metalldecken AG - Tulsa International Airport

Transport – Metal Ceiling for the modern look
Tulsa International Airport
Tulsa, USA
The selection of the ceiling was a significant design element. Molly A. Jones, AIA, the project architect for Benham, explained: “We wanted to create a panoramic view over the airfield”. “With the ascending form of the ceiling towards the glass wall we were in a position to take advantage of the view for the passengers”. A combination of customer-specified R-H 200 panels and the linear grid ceiling system from Armstrong was selected for the entry hall and the sloping section of the ceiling. One reason for the selection of Armstrong metal ceilings was also the wide color range available. The “gun metal” grey panels are made of galvanized steel.

According to Ms. Jones, there were other reasons in favor of choosing a metal ceiling: “The out side of the terminal extension is clad with metal panels; this allowed us to connect up the inside to the outside. The contemporary metallic appearance offered an aesthetic complement to the design of the existing building”. Perforated and non-perforated panels were used, with the former mounted between the linear lighting mountings in the entry hall ceiling.

In retrospect, Ms. Jones identifies the coordination and itemizing as a challenge. Co-operation with the Armstrong “Architectural Specialties Group” proved to have been very helpful. This planning service comprises professionals with expertise in both architecture and engineering. Their assignment is to collaborate in the implement ing of “statement” ceilings. Molly A. Jones: “They came out to the building site during ceiling installa tion and assisted us with their know-how in achieving our objec tives. The end result certainly speaks for itself”.