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Cygnus Technical

Airfield Ground Lighting Design/Airport Technical Support and Turnkey Project Management

CYGNUS TECHNICAL provide all levels of service ranging from technical support and advice through to full turnkey project management.  

With 25 years experience in the diverse Transportation Industry CYGNUS TECHNICAL provide comprehensive specialist professional and technical services to a wide ranging clientele such as Airport Authorities, Consultant Designers and Construction companies.

CYGNUS TECHNICAL now offers our extensive knowledge and expertise to you on an independent basis.

Whilst specialising in the Aerodrome Ground Lighting, Navigational Aids, Air Traffic Control & Management, and specialist Terminal & Ramp sectors, our scope of services extend to Engineering in all associated Civil, Electrical and Communications systems.

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Airport Design & Development


We are happy to get involved at any stage of design and are confident we can provide an input that will prove to offer significant advantages to the succes of your project.  As with our consulting services our wide ranging experience with all aspects of Airport related projects ensures our designs are complete and conclusive having considered all associted disciplines, activities and constraints.  Economics and practicality of the design are key to a timely completion however life cycle costing and safe future maintenace and  decommissioning require equal consideration.

  • Our design services include:
  • Survey and Investigation
  • Condition Survey
  • Feasability Studies
  • Concept Design Development
  • Preliminary Design
  • Detailed Design
  • CAD Layouts and Detail Drawings
  • Design Review
  • Production of Tender and Contract Documentation


The development of Airports and Airfield Specific Systems involves detailed consideration and incorporates numerous constraints.  At CYGNUS TECHNICAL we provide our clients with seamless support from conception, through planning to implementation including practical advice, technical expertise and direction to achieve a smooth transition for all projects.  
Our supply includes:

  • Strategic Development
  • Feasibility Studies and Budget Costing
  • Development and Master Planning
  • Airfield, Apron and Building Layout
  • Financial & Commercial Assesments
  • Safety & Environmental Impact Studies
  • Facilities Management
Airport Design & Development

Consultancy, Survey & Investigation


CYGNUS TECHNICAL's extensive and comprehensive experience gained over the past 25 years in Aiport related systems and installations ensures that we have the capability to provide economic and technically advanced solutions to meet the exacting requirements of our clients.  Cost, timescale, practicality, quality and safety are paramount in our solutions whilst also concentrating on local and environmental constraints and considerations.  
Our supply includes:

  • Professional and Technical Services
  • Planning and Development
  • Survey and Investigation
  • Concept, Preliminary and Detailed Design
  • CAD Services
  • Programme Management
  • Risk Analysis and Prevention
  • Life and Safety Analysis
  • Implementation Supervision
  • Installation Inspections
  • Condition Surveys
  • Production of Tender and Contract Documentation

Almost all of the specialist services and systems we supply will require some level of survey to be carried out.  

The survey stage is arguably one of the most critical aspects of any design, as a few millimetres inaccuracy at survey stage can result in substantial additional cost to a project.  We offer a wide range of surveys and investigations to complement our product portfolio from basic visual inspections to full geophysical investigations as summarised below:

  • Visual Inspections
  • Condition Surveys
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Geotechnical Surveys
  • Geophysical Surveys
  • Obstacle and Obstruction Surveys
  • Our results are collated using state of the art technology and can be present in many formats and utilised by many operating platforms including 3D modelling.

We always prefer to coordinate our own surveys whether they be condition surveys, visual inspections or topographical surveys, however, if preferred in certain circumstances we can provide the client with survey requirements and specifications so that they may employ the services of their local or approved surveyors to carry out the work.

Consultancy & Implementation Services

Maintenance and Implementation Services


All new systems installed by CYGNUS TECHNICAL are commissioned on completion and normal maintenance and warranty is provided in all cases.  However we offer various options for extended maintenance and support services to meet the needs of each particlar site.
In addition we can provide assistance in the development of maintenance proposals and periodic and preventative maintenance plans or we can provide the end user with a complete maintenance service tailored to your needs.
Services offered:

  • Production of Maintenance Proposals
  • Production of Periodic and Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • Provision of Onsite Maintenance Services
  • Extended Warranty and Support Services
  • Maintenance Advice


As an independent supplier we are in a unique position to provide the end user with equipment from their preferred manufacture at an economical price or we can go out to various suppliers to obtain the most economic and timely delivery.  We welcome supply only, install only or any combination of supply and install to meet your needs.  We have the capability to work as sub-contractor, contractor or principle contractor and comply with all QA requirements and Safety Legislation including CDM regulations.

We supply all specialist equipment for AGL, Navaids and ATM systems etc. including associated cables, hardware and consumable materials.  We also provide a quality, timely and safe installation service following proven installation techniques and best working practices in line with industry standards and local or international specifications.  Our installations include all associated civil, electrical and communications works to compliment the installed systems.

Maintenance and Implementation Services

Turnkey Project Management

Our extensive skill base culminates in our Turnkey Project Management Service which absorbs the employers requirements and delivers cost effective, safe and technically advanced results.

Competency in all stages of Airport and Airfield development does not come overnight, having 25 years experience in the various disciplines and with a comprehensive collection of strategic partnerships to call upon, guarantees our success in projects of all sizes and complexities.

We are happy to take on any challenge and are confident in our ability to deliver successful conclusions.

For an overview of our capabilities please visit our Company Profile, and Scope of Services and Specialist Disciplines sections.
Turnkey Project Management
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Cygnus Technical
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 17683 51786
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