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GE Security

GE Security - Airport Explosives Detection Systems

GE Security's homeland protection division's products defend public safety for airports, government buildings and personnel, high-risk organizations and facilities, and military organizations across the globe using cutting-edge explosives and narcotics detection and substance identification technology.

GE's diverse product line includes the non-intrusive, walk-through EntryScan 4 portal, the Itemiser (the first trace detector to simultaneously detect positive and negative ions for narcotics or explosives detection) and the handheld MobileTrace system for explosives or narcotics detection in the field. Our products directly protect the world's high-risk areas, including airports, ports, borders and military bases.

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EntryScan 4 Explosives Detection System

GE Security's high-sensitivity, high-throughput 'puffer machine', the EntryScan 4 can detect a broad range of explosives in seconds. Using GE's patented technology, the portal can identify even the most challenging substances by detecting and analyzing their microscopic traces. This compact, redesigned model has been reduced in height for installations under 8ft (2.44m) without sacrificing any walk-through space.

Engineered to dramatically reduce maintenance time, EntryScan 4 features a quick-access panel that puts key system components within arm's reach. Enhanced sample collection assures full-body screening, including the head and shoes. Automatic traffic control features such as a gated exit and audio / visual walk signals can optimize flow and save on operational costs.

Accuracy, speed, remote monitoring, and ease of operation make this portal a fundamental part of a customer's checkpoint security solution.
explosives detection system
GE Securitys high sensitivity, high-throughput EntryScan can detect even the most challenging explosive substances in seconds, by detecting and analyzing their microscopic traces.

Portable Narcotic and Explosives Identifier

Built to quickly and accurately identify threats in the field, GE's StreetLab Mobile is a go-anywhere, user-friendly handheld unit that can identify chemical substances using Raman spectroscopy for data capture and analysis. Rugged, yet ergonomic and lightweight, the StreetLab Mobile can reliably identify liquids, powders and solids in a single step without sample consumption or subjective interpretation.

The StreetLab Mobile is ergonomically optimized for ease-of-use in Level A gear, with large buttons, straightforward on-board LCD screen readouts, joystick function and 'point-and-shoot' operation. It is made of highly durable and fully decontaminable LEXAN.

This portable narcotic and explosives identifier uses extended-range wireless technology to quickly deliver results right from the hot zone via one-hand or remote operation, allowing incident command to make tactical decisions faster and more effectively while minimizing the team's exposure to threats.

Portable narcotic and explosives identifier
GE Securitys flexible, lightweight Itemiser simultaneously analyzes both positive and negative ions, allowing for advanced explosive and narcotic contraband detection.

Mobile Narcotics and Explosives Detection System

MobileTrace facilitates detection of both narcotics and explosives in seconds and also increases the range of explosives detectable from a single sample. MobileTrace's simultaneous dual-mode detection, combined with a state-of-the-art battery for longer life, provides users the capabilities needed to stay ahead of the growing substance detection challenges of law enforcement and military operations.
Mobile narcotics and explosives detection system
MobileTrace packs the advanced capabilities of simultaneous dual-mode detection into a powerful, user-friendly handheld narcotics and explosives detector.
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GE Security - Airport Explosives Detection Systems
GE Homeland Protection
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Washington DC 20004
Tel: + 1 202 637 4000
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