Exclusive Airport Lavatory Equipment / Airport Hand Dryers / Baby Changing Tables

DAN DRYER, an internationally renowned company boasting over 30 years of experience in supplying top quality lavatory inventory for airports everywhere, strives to create the safest and most economic solutions while not losing sight of beauty in design.

DAN DRYER warm-air hand dryers are top quality dryers in white, aluminium, or stainless steel, boasting a 5-year guarantee, also covering vandalism. Low noise level, low running costs and maximum reliability!

The elegant STAINLESS DESIGN series offers different hand dryer models, electronic soap dispensers, sanitary bins, waste bins, toilet roll holders, and paper towel dispenser all in a beautiful and modern design..

The impressive DAN DRYER baby changing table, carrying more than 400 kg, folds up against the wall when not in use!

DAN DRYER enters into the design process alongside the airport terminal architects, and can adapt any product to your specific needs and desires.

Company Profile

  • Exclusive Airport Lavatory Equipment


    Compared to linen and paper towels, a warm-air hand dryer produces no laundry and no litter. If you choose a model with low wattage, you save on electricity too.

    A DAN DRYER hand dryer is thus both environmental-friendly, hygienic and a cost-saving solution!

    DAN DRYER hand dryers are reliable and efficient hand dryers boasting a long product life.

    The well-known types AA and AE even come with a unique 5-year guarantee, covering even cases of vandalism.

    DAN DRYER supplies hand dryers in different models and sizes. Some are fast-drying – and some are almost indestructible. Available in stainless steel, with chromium finish or powder-coated any colour you like!

    All models are constructed of top quality components for a long and problem-free product life.

  • Exclusive Airport Lavatory Equipment


    All visitors to airport lavatories wish to encounter a clean, hygienic, and inviting environment.

    The DAN DRYER STAINLESS DESIGN series offers an outstanding possibility to furnish lavatories and changing rooms with top quality inventory in an aesthetic and uniform design.

    The cornerstone of the DAN DRYER STAINLESS DESIGN series is the well-known AE hand dryer; both the MINI and the TURBO hand dryers are also available with the beautifully arched stainless steel housing.

    Moreover, the DAN DRYER STAINLESS DESIGN series comprises a non-drip electronic soap dispenser, a 7 litre ladies bin, and a 30 litre waste bin, a paper towel dispenser as well as an economic toilet paper holder for 4 standard rolls.

    The DAN DRYER STAINLESS DESIGN series thus makes it possible to combine the demand for reliability and user-friendliness with the desire to equip lavatories with modern quality products elegantly designed in stainless steel.

  • Exclusive Airport Lavatory Equipment

    DAN DRYER Safety Baby Changing Table

    The DAN DRYER safety baby changing table is the space-saving, hygienic and user-friendly solution for diaper changing for the airport users.

    The DAN DRYER safety baby changing table is constructed in aluminium and stainless steel.

    Boasting a unique carrying capacity of more than 400kg, the table will withstand the rough treatment that airport lavatory inventory is regretfully often subjected to.

    The design is beautiful and easy to clean. The changing surface is slightly curved and can be delivered with a strong safety strap. When not in use, the table folds gently up against the wall.

    The opening as well as the closing of this table is done with a minimum of force – as often the user will have only one hand available for opening it.


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