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Baggage Handling Carousels & Equipment / Hold Baggage Screening / Check-In Conveyor

Airport Baggage Handling Systems have been significant part of Robson business for many years. Robson has a reputation that has been built on quality of design and service together with a comprehensive range of integrated equipment which whilst standardised in it's construction is still purpose system built to suit the client's specific requirements.

The core of the Robson service is engineering. Every project is designed for purpose and safety, built to meet the specific customer requirements and current British and European Standards and Safety Regulations. Custom engineering is a major element of the Robson approach allowing the integration of both customer and company experience to produce the final solution.

With qualified and skilled engineers for the Design, Construction and Installation Robson customers' are assured that Quality of Components, Systems and Finish are of the highest standard.

Materials Handling Systems and Associated Equipment including full:

  • Design Service / Consultancy
  • Development
  • Project Management
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Refurbishment

Company Profile

  • Baggage Handling System Design

    Robson’s Airport Baggage Handling Systems are designed to give performance and reliability, through traditional engineering and state of the art design. Only proven and tested components from trusted suppliers are used to ensure the conveyors reliability.

    The Airport Baggage Handling System is designed using the latest 2D and 3D drawing packages ensuring the optimum use of available space and access plus the seamless integration to existing systems.

    Hold Baggage Screening

    Robson work closely with suppliers of X-Ray and Scanning equipment to provide 100% HBS integration to the baggage handling system, supplying systems that follow the five stages of scanning to re-circulate, divert or reject scanned bags.

    Baggage Handling Carousels

    Robson’s friction drive carousel has the benefit of reduced power consumption, low noise, low maintenance and a modern design that fits seamlessly in to the airports baggage hall.

    Quality Products

    Robson prides itself in its heritage of quality engineering. Qualified engineers produce the products to high standards following the company’s ISO9001-2008 quality standard.

    Each product is fully tested before leaving the workshop ensuring a smooth start up when installed and commissioned.


    Baggage Handling Carousels & Equipment / Hold Baggage Screening / Check-In Conveyor
  • Check-In Conveyor

    Robson Check-In Conveyor options of weigh, label and despatch conveyors are configurable in to one, two or three stage check-in arrangements.

    Bags are weighed/labelled and despatched on a single long weigh conveyor.
    Usually the weighing and labelling operations are carried out on a single conveyor, and bags despatched onto the collector from the second.
    Separate conveyors are used for the weighing, labelling and despatch of the bags for maximum flexibility.

    For ease of maintenance the weigh conveyor is mounted on castors, which run in a track fixed to the top of the weigh scale. The castors enable swift replacement of the conveyor with standby units. The conveyor is easily transported to the maintenance department. 

    The Check-In Conveyor is retained in its operating position by location devices and shoot bolts. Access to the shoot bolts/power and control sockets is via a hinged plate mounted on the front of the weigh conveyor. 

    The Check-In Conveyor and casing is constructed from satin finish stainless steel plate.

    The belt is a diamond pattern conveyor belts, vulcanised endless, will run around terminal pulleys comprising of a tail pulley with integral roller bearings running on a dead shaft and motorised drum.

    Baggage Handling Equipment

    Robust reliability are the main keywords for Robson Airport Baggage Handling Systems, with conveyor casings constructed from pressed slider bed using 2.5mm thick mild sheet steel plate. The conveyor casings are jig built to ensure conveyor sections are perfectly formed.

    Robson Airport Baggage Handling Systems are built from components that give the best performance for demanding continuous use ensuring that delays are avoided.

    Robson Baggage Handling Equipment is designed for ease of maintenance allowing ease of component replacement with external bearings and shaft mounted drive units.

    Efficient economical use of power is paramount to today’s modern airports. Robson conveyors use photoelectric cells to detect bags in transit on the conveyors; conveyors not in use are stopped until needed.      

    Standard Airport Conveyor Products include:

    • Collector Conveyors
    • Injection Conveyors
    • Receiving Conveyors
    • Queue Conveyors
    • Extended Queue Conveyors
    • Standard Conveyors.
    Baggage Handling Carousels & Equipment / Hold Baggage Screening / Check-In Conveyor
  • Airport Hold Baggage Screening

    To safe guard the security of passengers, air transport and to prevent smuggling and the import of banned items, hold luggage is scanned by inline X Ray units.

    Robson have a history of integration with Airport Hold Baggage Screening manufacturers working with the leading manufacturers from around the world with the design and installation of conveyors to partner the X Ray units.

    The Airport Hold Baggage Screening design incorporates the Accept or Reject function, baggage can be diverted on reject for further scanning or examination. The Airport Hold Baggage Screening system comprises of a series of baggage handling conveyors, the X-Ray scanning unit, a divert system such as a Plough Diverter or Vertical Diverter, on to a Roller Track and or Ball table for the Level 3 and above analysis.

    The Industry standard Five Level Screening Process is based on the following:

    • Level 1: Automated evaluation of the X-ray image by the X-ray Machine.
    • Level 2: Operator analysis of the Level 1 image at a workstation(s), carried out whilst the bag continues in transit.
    • Level 3: A more in-depth analysis of the original Level 1 image at a separate workstation(s) or subjecting the bag to a separate X-ray process using a different X-ray technology, for example Computer Tomography (CT Scanner).
    • Level 4: Re-uniting the passenger and bag and carrying out a manual search.
    • Level 5: In the event that the passenger cannot be found, then the bag is considered a bomb threat and dealt with accordingly.
    Baggage Handling Carousels & Equipment / Hold Baggage Screening / Check-In Conveyor
  • Airport Baggage Handling Carousel

    The Robson Airport Baggage Handling Carousel provides an endless surface which baggage can be displayed prior to reclaim. A combination of straight and radius sections gives the Robson carousel the flexibility to form different types of shapes such as T, U, O, L most shapes can be accommodated depending on available space.

    Rigidly constructed on to a 6mm mild steel sub-frame, choices of galvanised or powder coated mild steel or x240 grit finish stainless steel casings are available.

    With a nominal speed of 0.45 metres per second and having all fixings internal to the casing resulting with no protruding items plus integral Kick Plates the Robson Airport Baggage Handling Carousel ensures the safety of all uses, Baggage Handlers or Passengers.

    The conveying surface comprises of overlapping flexible rubber slats, supported on the underside by steel carriers, this gives a user friendly surface that eliminates finger traps, whist having a strong support able to withstand heavy luggage.

    With choices of finishing materials, includes stainless steel or power coated the Robson Airport Baggage Handling Carousel is ideal for Land Side or Air Side service. The Robson Airport Baggage Handling Carousel is available with Caterpillar Chain or Friction Drive units to suit customer requirements.

    Baggage Handling Carousels & Equipment / Hold Baggage Screening / Check-In Conveyor

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