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Boarding Pass/Baggage Tag Printers for the Travel Industry

In addition to being a leading manufacturer and supplier of Boarding Pass and Baggage Tag printers for the aviation and travel industry, VidTroniX offers a full line of check-in and security related products. 

The goal of VidTroniX is to work directly with our customers to develop products that fit the needs of their company.  To date VidTroniX has installed over 75,000 ATP and MAP printers and has recently further expanded its presence in the global marketplace with major installations in the Middle East, mobile applications and incorporation into large scale kiosk applications.

The VidTroniX ATP3 is a single path travel document printer that is able to accommodate either boarding pass or baggage tags by automatically adjusting between stock types without any agent intervention. The ATP3 is the fourth generation of the original machine and offers metal gearing, multiple interface types and with its minute size it can be easily positioned within most existing cabinet space.

The VidTroniX MAP is a three path travel document printer that prints on two boarding pass stocks and one baggage tag stock in succession using a single printhead. Given the small size of the MAP printer and its ability to print on three separate stocks it is able to take up much less space than the three printers it essentially replaces.  There are separate interface connections for the boarding pass and baggage tags allowing for dual host configurations.  Every VidTroniX printer is individually tested using the customer’s stock and data message to ensure that the printers will operate properly upon receipt, which prevents needless troubleshooting and adjustments.

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  • ATP3 Single Path Boarding Pass or Baggage Tag Printer

    The ATP3 printer has a straight-through feed design that will accommodate either boarding pass or baggage tag stock.

    The ATP3 Printer is able to sense the type of stock that has been introduced and it will automatic adjust its internal settings, without agent invention, to become that type of printer.

    Due to the ATP3 printer’s minute size, available interface configuration and reliability, it can be used in a variety of applications including behind the counter and kiosks.

    Currently there are over 40,000 ATP printers in service worldwide with many being incorporated into AirIT, ARINC, IBM, SITA and ULTRA systems.

    One of the unique features of the ATP3 printers is that the printheads are held in place magnetically so they are very easy to replace if needed.

    In addition, all the main boards for the newest printer are backward compatible with the first version of the printer, which allows you to upgrade the older printers by adding only the mother board.

  • MAP Triple Path Boarding Pass and Baggage Tag Printer

    The MAP printer has a straight-through feed design much like the ATP3, but it is able to print on two boarding pass and one bag tag stocks.

    This allows the MAP to effectively eliminate the need for two additional machines and reduces the maintenance costs by two-thirds.

    The MAP printer has separate interface connections which allows it to accept the data feeds from the printers it is replacing without having interfere with the users data files within their systems.

    The MAP printer utilizes the same mother board and many of the same parts as the ATP3.  VidTroniX has thousands of these printers installed with a number of resellers and has supplied them directly to the T5 Terminal at London Heathrow as well as at the new privately funded Branson Airport.

  • Facial Recognition Boarding and Passport Gate Reader

    VidTroniX unveiled their prototype Boarding Gate Reader with Facial Recognition at the PTE show in Brussels this spring to great reviews.

    The BGR features a touch screen display and a full Windows PC with available battery backup, Wifi, and portable Bluetooth bagtag/boarding pass printer.

    The BGR will also incorporate a passport scanner that will read the visual page and the RFID encoded chip and check it against the camera captured photo of the person boarding the aircraft.

    This will ensure that the person boarding the flight is in fact the person on the documentation.

    In addition, the facial recognition software could be connected to the TSA no fly list where the software can compare its captured image against 5 million stored images within a second to determine if there is a visual match and if forged documents were being used.

    This technology could have prevented the recently attempted NYC Time Square bomber from boarding the plane.

    Airport Thermal Printing Technology
  • Expansion of Services

    With the Pay-Per-Print service, VidTroniX supplies the printer, paper stock and related print materials while the customer pays only for each document printed.

    The flexibility of this arrangement allows the client to add to, relocate, or remove the printer and paper stock from the customer site as the need of the client dictates.

    Each printer possesses a full lifetime warranty, thereby alleviating the cost of parts and/or repair. There is no capital investment required by the customer.

    The expense of printing tickets is purely operational and therefore 100% tax deductible.

    In the spring of 2009, VidTroniX supplied the new privately funded Branson Airport with MAP printers, LCD monitors, gate readers, boarding pass and baggage tag stock.

    This was VidTroniX first public presentation in moving toward the idea of streamlining the product needs of our clientele by being its one point of contact.

    The endeavor proved to be a mutually satisfying and successful venture by everyone involved.

    Airport Thermal Printing Technology

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