Charters at Sofia Airport Continue to Grow

Company Sofia Airport
Date 23.06.2022

Passenger traffic for the first five months is still 27% lower compared to 2019.

Sofia Airport’s charter programme is performing better results. In May 27% more charter flights have been served compared to the same month in 2019. Growth of passengers carried with these flights is over 17%.

Despite the strong charter month, the data in other destinations is not so positive, the capital’s airport announced. Total passenger traffic is down nearly 14% compared to May 2019, which equals to 549,773 passengers served.

A drop of almost 15% was also observed on domestic and international scheduled routes. A total of 19,932 passengers flew to Varna and Burgas during the period, while 500,506 passengers travelled on international flights.

There were also 10% fewer aircraft movements, which were 4,912 in the past month and 5,450 in 2019.

The volume of cargo and mail handled during the period was almost at pre-pandemic levels, there was only a 2% drop and amounted to 1,879 tons.

The effects of Covid-19, although increasingly minor, are having an impact on air traffic. Bulgaria’s proximity to Ukraine and fuel prices are also factors negatively impacting passenger numbers, while the approaching summer season gives cause for moderate optimism, the airport said.


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