‘Emergen-tea’ box at London Luton Airport

Company London Luton Airport
Date 09.08.2022

London Luton Airport has joined forces with PG tips to install an ‘emergen-tea’ box, ensuring any Brits who have forgotten to pack their favourite tea can pick up a pack in the airport and enjoy the ‘taste of home’ while holidaying. Branded travel tins will also be given out to accompany the tea bags – the perfect travel companion for future flights.

With summer holidays in full swing, new research* by the tea brand reveals nearly 7 in 10 Brits (69%) admit to packing their favourite tea bags for holidays abroad. With the two most popular reasons being th

e unbeatable taste of a proper cuppa (60%) closely followed by the taste of home that tea brings (50%).

With half (50%) of Brits forgetting to pack their trusty tea bags, and a whopping 80% of people stating you can’t get a ‘proper cup of tea’ when abroad, many have no choice but to turn to a non-preferred tea to satisfy their cravings whilst abroad (67%).

The promotion follows the re-opening of the travel industry after the Covid-19 pandemic and the continued surge in air travel that will see the airport welcome more than 5 million passengers this summer. As a result, 69% of Brits say they are more likely to pack home comforts, such as tea, for holidays than before the pandemic with 1 in 3 (30%) admitting it is because it is their first time abroad.

London Luton Airport Head of Passenger Services, Clare Armstrong, commented: “The summer is always an exciting time of year for the airport and we are always looking at new ways to provide a warm, friendly welcome and a smooth travel experience for passengers. We appreciate that many people like to pack a few home comforts for their travels, so we were delighted to team up with PG tips to provide this opportunity for passengers to enjoy the taste of a British ‘cuppa’ on their summer holidays.”

Giulia Arena, Brand Manager at PG tips, said: “When it comes to the perfect cuppa, taste is everything and at PG tips we know our taste is what reminds Brits of home – wherever they might be headed! So, we were delighted to partner with London Luton Airport to make sure no tea-lover went without when travelling. Emergen-tea, be gone!”

* Perspectus Global Survey of 2,000 UK adults, June 2022


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