First self-service shop opens at Schiphol Plaza

Company Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Date 08.02.2022

The first self-service shop has opened at Schiphol Plaza. It’s called Gate 24/7 and it contains ten vending machines, each with a different range of products. The product range comes from  eight retailers already located at Schiphol Plaza.

The shop is open 24/7 and offers a broad range of products, meaning it can cater to Schiphol Plaza’s diverse customer base. Visitors can find all kinds of items, from food and drink to beauty products, and from electronics to last-minute necessities. Customers can select their choice and pay contactless at the vending machines.

Schiphol closely follows technological developments in retail. We believe that this is the future. The priority is to offer our visitors speed and convenience, and this new shop and service responds to that in a way that is accessible for our visitors and partners. Whether you’re going to work, making a connection, departing or arriving, anyone who needs to make a last-minute purchase can go to this shop.

Schiphol previously tested a similar concept: the digital Albert Heijn shop on Jan Dellaertplein. It got positive reactions from visitors. Gate 24/7 will be a pilot of at least six months. After that, Schiphol will evaluate the results and decide whether or not to extend the pilot. The shop was constructed in collaboration with Intos Interior Design and DGA Vending.



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