Fort Wayne International Airport Opens First Major Portion of West Terminal Expansion Project

Company Fort Wayne International Airport
Date 25.03.2022

Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) has opened the first major portion of the terminal building that has been under construction as a part of the West Terminal Expansion and Rehabilitation Project.

This first portion of construction to be open to the public includes the new American Airlines ticket counter and check-in area, new American Airlines offices, updated vestibules, updated seating area, and a portion of the new terminal drive canopy. Features of the updated space include floor to ceiling windows, a raised roof, new interior and exterior signage, low-profile baggage scales, and the beginning of a cane trail that will eventually run through the entire terminal building.

We are excited to welcome passengers into the first finished portion of the West Terminal Expansion Project.” Said Scott Hinderman, Executive Director of Airports. “This will give people a glimpse at what the rest of the terminal will look like as we move toward opening new areas and completing the project. The Airport Authority staff looks forward to passengers enjoying some of the new amenities, as well as the new look of FWA moving forward.

Following the opening of the new American Airlines ticketing space, work will begin on Allegiant Air’s ticket counter space, followed by Delta Air Lines and United Airlines. Each airline ticket space will shift west by one counter area.

In addition to the upgraded interior opening, a portion of the airport’s terminal drive is also open so that passengers can be dropped off on a portion of the curb. Those needing to drop off a passenger, or navigating the terminal drive, will now be able to come in front of the terminal building before being routed through the second half of the temporary terminal drive. Those picking up passengers will still do so in the temporary pick-up area located directly across from FWA baggage claim.

The West Terminal Expansion and Rehabilitation project is working to transform FWA into a modernized facility capable of handling the momentum and growth that the Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana communities have experienced over recent years.

The West Terminal Expansion is a part of Project Gateway, which has included the Parking Lot Rehabilitation Project, Rental Car Return Lot Canopy Expansion and Renewable Solar Energy Project, and the East and West Terminal Apron Improvement Project. More information and updates can be found at


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