Improved noise measurements in the area around Schiphol

Company Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Date 01.02.2022

As of today, 41 measuring posts around Schiphol are using a smarter algorithm to link noise to flights more accurately. The algorithm can more precisely identity and distinguish aircraft noise from background traffic or weather-related noise. This development will improve the information that is provided to local residents, and measures to limit noise nuisance can be evaluated more effectively. 

A pilot with three measuring posts in Nieuw-Vennep, Spaarndam and Castricum revealed that this new way of detecting noise is very effective. In August and September 2021, Schiphol carried out noise measurements over the course of 6 days.

Linking noise to flights
Noise measurements are taken by 41 NOMOS measuring posts in the area around Schiphol. These posts consist of a 6- to 10-metre-tall mast equipped with a microphone. Previously, all noises above a certain volume threshold were measured. That meant that background noises like passing vehicles and wind were recorded along with air traffic. Recordings were then analysed and linked to flights using radar data and noise prognoses.

The new, smarter algorithm works the other way round. It contains information about flight routes and links this information to recordings made underneath these routes to determine noise, irrespective of volume. Because the noise measurements are linked to flight routes, this method is less sensitive to weather conditions and background noise. The aircraft noise measurements can also be compared with expected noise more effectively. This new way of measuring aircraft noise has proven itself to be better at linking flights to specific measurements, meaning that NOMOS can record more flights.

Measuring aircraft noise
As of 1 February, all NOMOS noise measurements will be carried out using this smarter aircraft noise detection method. Local residents and other interested parties can view the data on NOMOS online.


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