Travellers at Schiphol can enjoy a new, comfortable waiting area in Lounge 4

Company Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Date 29.06.2021

The corridor connecting Lounge 4 and M Pier has been transformed from a passageway into a pleasant waiting area. The remodelling of this corridor has created a larger waiting area for travellers. Sustainability was at the heart of the M corridor redevelopment.

All seats in the corridor were previously used at Schiphol. They have been upholstered in e-leather, a sustainable kind of leather made from leather industry waste.

Old Boeing 747 used for the interior
Other furnishings have been recycled too. The material used for the planters comes from old Schiphol information desks and from an old KLM Boeing 747. The same sources were used to make the 2 windmills that travellers can use to charge their mobile phone or laptop while they wait.

“The M corridor demonstrates improvements to service and comfort while highlighting our sustainability ambition to be zero waste in 2030 and totally circular in 2050. There is a relaxed atmosphere thanks to the planters, art and large aerial photos of the Dutch landscape. It has all the ingredients to make waiting at the gate as pleasant as possible.” Liesbeth van Oort, project manager at Royal Schiphol Group



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