Don’t Miss Asia’s Leading Airport Sustainability Summit!

Event Airport Sustainability Summit 2019
Organiser Equip Global Pte Ltd
Event Date 12.03.2019
Press Release Date 11.02.2019

In recent years, sustainable airport development has emerged as a core theme for airports globally. Whilst increasing number of airport expansion and development globally is inevitable to cater to the growing demand in travelling, unfortunately it has also consequently created adverse side effects on the environment and impacted sustainability. This has bought the attention of airports and airport related authorities to promote best practices, drive innovation both in terms of technological implementation and processes and develop strategies to achieve a more sustainable airport.

To achieve a more sustainable airport, it could come in the form of reduction of energy consumption, better practices in the areas of energy, waste, noise and environmental management, the utilization of renewable energies and environmentally compliant technologies amongst many others. The economic and environmental benefits of achieving airport sustainability is clear but to leverage on them, airports globally must overcome critical challenges in the design, planning, project management and execution of airport sustainability strategies.

Equip Global’s Leading Airport Sustainability Summit, taking place from 12-15 March 2019 in Singapore, will create a premier platform for airports and airport authorities globally to exchange insights and a rare opportunity to network with different participating airports on how to develop sustainability plans whilst helping airports achieve better bottom lines. Additionally, the 4-day conference will feature case studies from leading airports in overcoming obstacles while trying to achieve a more sustainable airport, analysing best practices and latest innovative technologies to resolve sustainability issues and to enhance resilience in airport operations be it environmentally, economically or socially.

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