11th Airfield Ground Lighting World Congress 2019

Event Information

A Not-to-be-Missed Conference for AGL Professionals Globally!

PROVEN TRACK RECORD SUMMIT! – The 11th Airfield Ground Lighting World Congress 2019 will take place 9-12 April 2019 in London, UK. The summit returns bigger and better as the most important Networking and Learning Platform for Airport Operators, Airport Authorities, Civil Aviation Authorities, Military Airports & Defence Forces and Aviation Technologies and Service Providers around the world to discuss and share insightful experiences and knowledge.

Do you want to find out how global leading airports execute maintenance works for their AGL systems?

Ever wondered what is the most effective way to detect underground cables fault and repair with minimal runway operations disruption?

This entire conference will focus on the inspection, fault detection, installation, commissioning and maintenance of AGL Systems & Visual Lighting Aids/Signage. Other technical areas besides design, installation and maintenance matters that will be discussed and are in trend including the use of SOLAR systems for AGL, New AGL technologies such as CMS & LED, integration challenges of new and innovative technologies, Power Redundancy Management for AGL Systems, HV/LV management, UPS Systems/Generators usage and maintenance for AGL systems, on-site installation of connectors, use of alternative sources of energy for AGL systems amongst others.

If AGL system engineering and maintenance is a key issue on your plate, make sure you don’t miss this one-of-its kind Global Premier AGL summit!

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Event Profile

  • Key Highlights featured in 2019!

    1. The Complete Maintenance Cycle of AGL & Systems

    Hear real-life detailed plans for conduct of maintenance work and describe how repair mission should be executed within the minimal time frame.

    1. Troubleshooting & Manual Testing Strategies

    Discuss practical manual testing strategies on circuit configuration, CCR functionality, heaters, monitoring, photometric and chromaticity analysis for your AGL system.

    1. LED Airfield Ground Light Systems Operations

    Optimize your technical knowledge to acquire LED light installation practices and manage LED AGL system to achieve operational efficiency.

    1. Power Redundancy Management for AGL Systems

    Head from AGL experts to minimize your airport’s power consumption and achieve energy saving protocol.

    1. Cable Fault Detection & Locating

    Perform a technical evaluation and comparison of existing fault, location and state of health methodologies for future implementation in the AGL system.

    1. Regulatory Compliance AGL Design & Layout

    Design a fully compliant system with proper test reports, documentation, training, and spare parts for your AGL system.

  • 5 Reasons Why You Cannot Miss This Event!

    1. 16+ Case Studies

    Gain experience through global case studies on operating & maintenance practices for solar airfield ground lighting system, system performance monitoring issues, load changes on the series circuit, how to continue operating if one of more light suffers from breakdown and many more.

    1. Latest Technologies & Update in AGL Systems

    Discuss the current and future of AGL technologies/innovations and be able to increase airport runway efficiency.

    1. 6 Practical Workshops

    Learn proven strategies and tools to resolve your critical AGL Light Installation, Operation, Fitting & AGLCMS Failures related challenges from global AGL experts from global airports.

    1. Lessons Learnt

    Discover from AGL Engineers/Technicians, System Engineers, Air Traffic Controllers from leading Airports, Civil Aviation Authorities and Ministries of Transportation how to maximize AGL system performance.

    1. Global Premier Networking Opportunity

    Meet up with high-profile decision makers and industry leaders within AGL industry!

  • Expect to Meet With:

    From across Airport Operators/Airport Authorities/AGL System Design & Engineering Companies

    Head/Director/Manager/Specialist/Senior Engineer/Engineers of:

    • Airfield/Airport Lighting
    • AFL/AGL
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Maintenance Services
    • Technical Services
    • Systems Engineering
    • Facilities Management
    • Engineering Services
    • Airside Operations
    • Aerodrome Safety/Standards
    • Asset Management & Utilities


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