2nd Airport Accessibility & PRM Services Summit

Event Information

The 2nd Airport Accessibility & PRM Services Summit 2019 returns to Singapore this October 2019, with the aim of once again providing the most significant opportunity for international airports to debate current Airport Accessibility & PRM issues, as well as to form business relationships on a global scale.

Bringing together airport industry professionals sharing information on over a range of topics – from Overcoming the lack of disability awareness and equality, to methodologies, frameworks, as well as quality management and systems review, Equip Global’s “2nd Airport Accessibility & PRM Services Summit 2019” aims to foster dialogue at a global level and lay the groundwork for a robust action plan that supports the unique nature of the industry and its challenges.

Dedicated to helping airports globally grow via improving their level of operational excellence and service quality, the 2nd Airport Accessibility & PRM Services Summit 2019” provides an exceptional platform where attendees gather to pool information, address concerns, discuss solutions and exchange ideas for the future development of Airport Accessibility and PRM Services.

Event Profile

  • Key takeaways from attending the 2nd Airport Accessibility and PRM Services Summit:

    • Instilling Call Points Within Airport Terminals toFacilitate Easy Movement For Passengers with Different Levels of Reduced Mobility
    • Leveraging Technological Tools to Improve the Evaluation, Billing and Complaints Management Processes of the PRM Assistance Services
    • Overcoming the Lack of Disability Awareness and Equality Through Collaboration with Disability Associationsto Develop a Comprehensive Training Program
    • Identifying the Four International Categories of Passengers Requiring Special Assistance to Better Determine their Level of Disability and Support Needed
    • Incorporating “Ease of Orientation”into your Terminal design to Encourage for an Inclusive Airport Experience – Lessons Learnt and Best Practices
    • Monitoring, Auditing, Measuring the Serviceand Waiting Times of your PRM Passengers in the Airport Holding Area so as to Gauge Efficiency and Productivity
    • Laying a Solid Framework forAlternative Security Screenings to Overcome the Mobility Restrictions of your PRM Passengers
    • Engaging in Optimum Resources Planning by Generating Flexible Duty Rosters that Takes into Consideration all Flights and Manpower Available
    • Identifying Budgeting Variations to Overcome the Challenges of Manpower Allocation in a Dynamic PRM Environment
  • Who Should Attend the 2nd Airport Accessibility and PRM Services Summit?

    This event is tailored made for Heads/Senior Managers/Managers/Senior Executives from across airports and authorities including:

    • Accessibility/PRM Services Planning
    • Airport/Terminal Operations
    • Airside/Landside Operations
    • Design & Planning
    • Customer Experience/Passenger Experience
    • Quality Service Management
    • Resource Planning
  • For More Information:

    Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at: enquiry@equip-global.com


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