3rd Customer Experience Management for Airports Summit 2020

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Customer Experience Management has been crucial for Airports in today’s hyper competitive and hyper connected global marketplace. A customer’s current airport experience involves uncomfortable crowding lengthy queues, repetitive and redundant processes, misdirected baggage and a lack of communication and personalization. This is often compounded by frequent aircraft delays and missed connections which not only add to the negative customer experience, but cost airports a huge sum annually.

There are numerous areas of opportunity for improvement in the day-of-travel and airport journey today, tomorrow and in the future. Plus the fact that customers (passengers/airlines/or just those visiting) are getting more and more demanding in the level of customer experience they expect, airports globally are placing greater emphasis on ensuring the experience is great and consistent throughout any customer’s journey/lifecycle to, within and away from the airport.

Taking place from 4 – 7 February 2020 in Singapore, the 3rd Customer Experience Management for Airports Summit will be Asia’s premier networking and learning platform for Airport Operators & Aviation Authorities to discuss and share insightful experiences on enhancing & transforming customer/passenger experience to the next level of excellence.

Event Profile

  • Key Highlights:

    • Premier Networking session: Come and meet top players in the industry at this premier networking event to explore and learn about the latest trends and proven strategies that overcome roadblocks to create the ultimate customer experience.
    • Airport as A Destination: Explore how other airports in the world are no longer just a hub, but also a recreational and entertainment location to attract tourists and transit passengers and discuss the strategies you can to utilize at your airport to create an all-round experience.
    • Unique Brand Identity: Explore how Airports can create a unique sense of placeto differentiate from others by tapping into unique architectural and local cultural heritage and explore how you can create a unique ambience for your airport that your passengers can identify with.
    • Latest Technology: Explore the latest technological trendsincluding self-check-in kiosks, biometrics, big data, chat bot, robotics, mobility, apps and how Airports around the world are using them to transform their customer experience and as well as understand possible considerations before implementation.
    • Better Understand your customer: Hear about how Airports can learn about passenger’s preferences, behavioral and consumption patternsand learn the tools you can use to better understand your customer and create a better personalized experience.
    • Creating the best commercial proposition Hear how your retail and commercial strategy can add to the overall experience and explore how you can create the most suitable retail mix to best-fit your target market.
    • Value Adding your Augmented Products: From Carparks to Amenities to Ticketing to Webpage and so much more. Explore various strategies and airport elements to add valueto your customer experience at your airport throughout the value-chain.
    • Customer Satisfaction Benchmark: Learn how Airports can best gather data to understand customer satisfaction of visitors and explore how you can use the data to drive positive, actionable change.
    • Operational Efficiency: Explore strategies of how other Airports improve customer experience and reduce waiting times at various pain points including check-ins, baggage handling and border controls that you can apply at your Airport.
  • Who Should Attend?

    From Across Airport Operators & Authorities, Heads/Directors/Managers/Senior Executives, In charge of the following departments:

    • Passenger Experience & Engagement / Customer Experience
    • Customer Service
    • Customer Loyalty/CRM
    • Commercial
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Quality Services/Quality Management
    • Brand Management
    • Retail
    • Retail Operations
    • Airport Services
    • Digital/Digital Transformation
    • Operations
    • Terminal Management
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