3rd Cyber Security for Airports Summit 2019

Event Information


Taking place in Singapore from 18-21 June 2019, Equip Global’s 3rd Cyber Security for Airports Summit 2019 is the golden opportunity to hear from airport operators, aviation authorities and air navigation service providers on how they are managing the most pertinent cyber security risk challenges and issues. This summit will bring together industry decision makers to look into the current cyber security challenges from the technological aspects of IoT, OT Security, related IT network infrastructures, risk and cyber security management by design, prevention technology, to more human aspects including stakeholder, vendor and service provider management, instilling a culture of security among staff, as well as efficient incident response and recovery plans to minimize potential losses.

Expect to hearing case studies from various global perspectives on how to assess stakeholder cyber security maturity and strategies on early threat detection to keep an airport safe. This is a must-attend summit if managing cyber security is a priority for your organization!

Event Profile

  • What makes this a Must-Attend event for Airports/Airport Authorities/Air Navigation Service Providers

    • IoT, ICS and OT Cyber Security Management – Gain technical knowledge on how to minimize security vulnerabilities and prevent cyber-attacks on airport ICS, OT and IoT systems.
    • Risk and Cyber Security Management by Design –Learn about the core principles and best practices to build in security and privacy settings into your networks as you mitigate persistent cyber risks.
    • Penetration Testing and Security Exercises –Assess the maturity of your cyber defence systems to understand and close potential security loopholes through constant monitoring and taking preventative measures.
    • Building Pragmatic Security and Response Plans –Understand how to effectively mitigate cyber threats in the case of a data breach and how to involve your airport stakeholders and vendors in response planning to provide appropriate levels of protection.
  • Key Benefits of Attending

    • Stakeholder, Vendor and Service Provider Involvement – Learn how to get your stakeholders, vendors, concessionaries, and service providers involved in managing airport cybersecurity by establishing a common risk profile and ensuring cybersecurity maturity to minimize potential network vulnerabilities.
    • Mitigating Insider Threats – Learn how you can take the two-pronged approach to cyber security by instilling a culture of security among your staff alongside cyber security measures to minimize any potential network breaches.
    • Comprehensive Case Studies – Hear from industry experts on how they have overcome major cyber security challenges at their airports and gain insights on how to implement some of these measures at your airport.
    • Trending Issues in Airport Cyber Security– Analyze the latest industry trends and gain insights into the growing need for industry-wide implementation of cyber security measures, comprehensive cyber solutions as well as the latest developments in cyber security technology that can be implemented at your airport.
  • Who Should Attend

    Across Airports & Aviation Authorities Globally:

    Heads/Senior Managers/Managers/Engineers/Project Managers of:

    • Cyber Security
    • Information Security
    • Information Systems
    • Technology
    • Airport Systems (Airside/Landside)
    • Operations
    • Security
    • Emergency Management/Services
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