4th Ground Damage Stakeholders' Meeting

Event Information

The success of the previous three Ground Damage Stakeholders' Meetings has been a result of the interactive collaboration that has taken place at this important industry safety meeting. 

Over 200 international industry safety and operational professionals have attended these events.
There is a lot that can be shared and discussed in the conference room but we have recognised that delegates need to have a more hands-on experience, which is why we introduced the conference room/ramp concept for our third annual meeting, which was held in Frankfurt, in September 2014. This meeting saw a special area on the ramp being set aside as a live demonstration area. This is where delegates witnessed first-hand recently introduced GSE in operation, and which was equipped with enhanced safety features.

Following the fantastic feedback we received from delegates, we are busy planning the next meeting and are expecting over 200 delegates to attend the 4th Ground Damage Stakeholders' Meeting in June 2015, in London.