Airport Cities Asia Pacific Conference & Exhibition

Event Information

Hosted by Sichuan Province Airport Group Company Ltd (SPAG) in Chengdu, China, the Airport Cities Asia Pacific Conference & Exhibition will provide a global platform for networking, best practice, innovation and high-level debate and discussion around the creation and development of airport cities and aerotropolis throughout the Asia Pacific region and across the globe.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Drivers of airport city development in the Asia Pacific region and the resulting opportunities for your business
  • The impact of airport development on economic growth in Asia, featuring case studies from leading airports an ecommerce businesses
  • Sustainable non-aeronautical revenue generation to fund future development
  • Development plan updates for Chengdu's second airport from Pan Gangjun, General Manager, SPAG
  • Logistics as a key component of airport city development – hear directly from end-users about their requirements  

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