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The Kingdom aims to generate around $100 billion in investment in its aviation sector and make Saudi Arabia a global aviation hub by 2030. The General Authority of Civil Aviation, under its National Aviation Sector Strategy, plans to increase air connectivity to 250 destinations, reaching 330 million passengers, and double air cargo capacity to 4.5 million tons by the end of the decade. The Kingdom also plans to launch a new national airline to complement its existing carriers, and build a new international airport in Riyadh, as well as eight new regional airports.

The global aerospace market fell to around $300 billion in 2020 due to the pandemic. However, the market is expected to grow from $300 billion two years ago to $430 billion in 2025, at an annual rate of 7.7 percent.

As part of the broader transformation of its aviation sector, Saudi Arabia is also moving towards corporatizing its airports. Earlier this year, GACA and Matarat Holding Company announced the completion of an institutional transformation of 25 of the Kingdom’s airports. This included the creation of the Airports Cluster 2 Company, which will manage and operate 22 airports, bringing oversight for construction, operation, and management under one roof. The goal is to improve service, integrate international best practices in airport management and increase competitiveness. Investment and commercial opportunities in the sector, including airports, freight (Goods Carrying in Cargo), catering, maintenance, and ground services, will be opened to local and foreign investors soon.

Airport Innovation Summit -KSA is lined up with interactive Panel Discussions, Keynote Speech, Networking Opportunities and Case Studies presented by local and international participants.

Event Profile

  • Profile of Attendees

    The attendees of the event are expected to be high-level executives and decision-makers from various industries related to aviation and travel. These include CEOs, Managing Directors, Heads of Digital Transformation, CISO, CIOs, and other key leaders from airports, airlines, ecommerce/retail, hospitality, and government entities.

    CEOs and Managing Directors from airports and airlines are expected to attend to gain insights into the latest trends and technologies in aviation and discuss strategies for growth and innovation. Heads of Digital Transformation from these industries will also be present to discuss how digital technologies can be leveraged to improve airport operations and enhance the passenger experience.

    Decision-makers from ecommerce/retail and hospitality industries are also expected to attend to explore opportunities for collaboration with airports and airlines. With the growth of e-commerce and online booking platforms, these industries are becoming increasingly intertwined with the aviation sector. The summit will provide a platform for discussions on how these industries can work together to create a seamless travel experience for customers.

    Finally, government entities are expected to attend to discuss policies and regulations related to aviation and travel. As the aviation sector continues to grow and evolve, governments play a critical role in shaping the industry’s direction and ensuring safety and security for passengers. The summit will provide a forum for government officials to share their insights and perspectives on the industry’s future.

  • Key Topics to be addressed

    The event will cover a range of topics related to the aviation industry, with a focus on improving the passenger experience, enhancing airport operations, and ensuring sustainability.

    One of the key topics that will be discussed is advanced mobility. This includes innovations in transportation such as self-driving cars, drones, and other forms of automated transportation that could revolutionize how people move around airports and other transportation hubs.

    Airport management and recovery is another important topic that will be covered. This involves planning for unexpected events such as weather disruptions or other emergencies, and ensuring that airports can quickly recover from these disruptions while minimizing the impact on passengers.

    Baggage handling and tracking is another area of focus, with discussions on how technology can be used to improve the accuracy and efficiency of baggage handling systems, reduce lost baggage, and enhance the overall passenger experience.

    Airport security is also a critical topic, with discussions on customs and immigration procedures, as well as emerging technologies for security screening and threat detection.

    Adding commercial value with retail experience is another area of focus, exploring how airports can enhance the overall passenger experience by providing a wide range of shopping and dining options, as well as other amenities such as lounges and entertainment.

    Sustainability is a key consideration for the aviation industry, and the event will feature discussions on how airports can become more environmentally friendly and reduce their carbon footprint.

    Innovation in airport operations will also be a topic of discussion, exploring how technology and data can be used to optimize airport operations and improve efficiency.

    The future of passenger experience will be discussed, looking at emerging trends and technologies that will shape the way passengers interact with airports and airlines in the years to come.

    Finally, wayfinding and signage will be explored, with discussions on how airports can use technology to improve navigation and make it easier for passengers to find their way around airports.

  • Who will Attend

    The event is expected to attract a diverse range of professionals from the aviation industry. This includes airport security personnel who are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of passengers and staff at airports. Airport authorities, operators, and planners will also attend the event, bringing their expertise in managing and developing airports to the discussions.

    Ground handlers, who play a critical role in managing baggage and other ground operations, are also expected to attend. Their insights and experiences will be valuable in discussions related to baggage handling and tracking, as well as overall airport operations.

    Airport developers will also be in attendance, providing insights into the design and construction of airports, and the challenges they face in creating modern, efficient and sustainable airports. Civil aviation authorities, who are responsible for regulating and overseeing the aviation industry, will also attend the event.

    Finally, cargo terminals will be represented at the event. Cargo terminals are an important part of the aviation industry, handling the transportation of goods and cargo by air. Their perspectives will be valuable in discussions related to airport operations and sustainability, as well as innovations in cargo handling and tracking.

    Overall, the event will be an important gathering of professionals from across the aviation industry, providing a platform for collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing.

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