Airport Strategic Planning Masterclass 2019

Event Information

A pragmatic, customer-focused strategic plan which is sustainable and economically viable is key to an airport’s development and future expansion. Effective Airport Strategic Planning is highly critical in achieving the business and strategic objectives of the airport and must aligned also to its unique characteristics and ambitions.

Equip Global ’s interactive and applications/case studies driven 4-day Airport Strategic Planning Course taking place from 30th July – 2nd August 2019 in Singapore, will provide airport operator and authority attendees with the tools and know-hows of how to plan and strategically manage an airport. Through applications on real cases, lessons learned from case studies, project exercise discussions and blueprint strategies, attendees will find out how they can overcome pertinent challenges to strategic planning whilst practically ensure their plan is effective, sustainable and aligned with business objectives.

Event Profile

  • 10 Reasons Why You Must Attend This Airport Strategic Planning Masterclass!

    • Learn how you can develop an effective strategic planning framework or your Airport
    • Gain insights on strategic planning best practices for both greenfield and brownfield airports
    • Incorporate Airport Capacity Planning & Traffic Analysis as Part of Your Strategic Planning
    • Enhance Your Master Planning Process & Strategy for Your Airport
    • Adopt Airfield & Passenger Terminal Infrastructure Design & Planning Best Practices
    • Improve your revenue management and airport profitability planning for both aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenues
    • Improve Your Airport Surface Access & Accessibility Planning
    • Improve your Passenger Experience Through Effective Strategic Planning
    • Understand how you can effectively manage your stakeholders and community whilst aligning to airport strategic objectives and national policies
    • Learn Strategic Financial Management & Economics Planning for Your Airport
  • Who Should Attend

    This masterclass is designed for managers and executives from across airport operators and aviation authorities who are responsible and/or involved in the following:

    • Strategic Planning
    • Strategy & Transformation
    • Master-planning
    • Airport Planning & Design
    • Capacity Planning
    • Airport Systems
    • Operations
    • Commercial
    • Finance 
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