Airport Sustainability Summit 2019

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Don’t Miss Asia’s Leading Airport Sustainability Summit!

In recent years, sustainable airport development has emerged as a core theme for airports globally. Whilst increasing number of airport expansion and development globally is inevitable to cater to the growing demand in travelling, unfortunately it has also consequently created adverse side effects on the environment and impacted sustainability. This has bought the attention of airports and airport related authorities to promote best practices, drive innovation both in terms of technological implementation and processes and develop strategies to achieve a more sustainable airport.

Equip Global’s Leading Airport Sustainability Summit, taking place from 12-15 March 2019 in Singapore, will create a premier platform for airports and airport authorities globally to exchange insights and a rare opportunity to network with different participating airports on how to develop sustainability plans whilst helping airports achieve better bottom lines. Additionally, the conference will feature case studies from leading airports in overcoming obstacles while trying to achieve a more sustainable airport, analysing best practices and latest innovative technologies to resolve sustainability issues and to enhance resilience in airport operations be it environmentally, economically or socially.

Event Profile

  • Key Takeaways:

    • Analyze the best practices and lessons learnedin airport sustainability projects to overcome challenges faced by expanding airports globally
    • Evaluating the benefits of investing in environmentally-friendly technologies while minimizing the costof investments
    • Establishing different approaches of energy consumption reduction and efficiencies without compromising airport expansion plans
    • Gain insights on various monitoring and reporting systemsto optimize and analyze trends in energy consumption and noise emissions throughout operating hours
    • Ensuring operational efficiencyof airports by adjusting and accommodating to extreme climate changes
    • Hear insights on the Development of different waste management systemsadopted by leading airports which have achieved waste segregation effectively
    • Identifying strategies to ensure sustainable airport operationsin times of natural disasters and extreme climate changes
    • Improving overall coordination of stakeholdersto facilitate the growth of airports towards a more sustainable and profit generating airport
    • Identifyingcompatible renewable sources of energy to ensure interoperability with existing systems
    • Implementing cost-efficient approachesto control water pollution and achieve a cleaner source of water supply
    • Leveraging on chiller and boiler technologiesby incorporating the use of temperature around the airport surroundings to reduce energy consumption
    • Implementing the use of electric vehicles and appliancesto mitigate the impact on environmental pollution and to enhance operational efficiency
    • Minimizing harmful carbon emission and greenhouse gases using strategies and alternative sources that comply with the requirements of ACA
  • Who Should Attend:

    This event is tailored made for airports, airport authorities and government agencies globally in charge and involved in the following departments:

    • Airport Sustainability
    • Environmental/Environmental Compliance
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Resilience
    • HVAC
    • Waste Management
    • Facilities Management
    • Airport System, Design and Planning
    • Airport Development, Operations
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