Airport Transformation Digi-Conference

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As governments across the world begin to ease restrictions and re-open their countries for business and kickstart their economic recovery, the air transport and travel industry is beginning to heave a sigh of relief after being hit hard by the pandemic.

To reopen however, airports authorities and airline operators must prepare measures in line with regulators and industry guidelines being set up to improve travel processes and operational efficiency while ensuring passenger journey and experience in a safe and secure manner.

To achieve these new normal and best practices such as crowd control and management, reducing human interaction, implementing touchless and contactless systems for check in, boarding, passport control, baggage claims etc., authorities are looking for different innovative solutions and technologies that will help them achieve these goals to protect employees and passengers.

The Airport Transformation Digi-Conference will therefore bring together air transport authorities, airports and airline operators, aerospace industry organizations, solution providers and stakeholders to discuss and exchange ideas on the reopening strategy and guidelines and how different stakeholders can put in place sound protocols that will future proof the travel industry post COVID-19 pandemic.

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