Cyber Intelligence Asia

Event Information

Cyber Security is still a key initiative for many governments as many are still vulnerable to Malware, Phishing, Trojans and Website Defacing attacks. Our 4th annual Cyber Intelligence Asia event will focus on the different types of attacks being faced to government computer systems.

Asian nations are becoming much more advanced in dealing with cyber security threats and will demonstrate this during the event with case studies of recent attacks on their government computer network. Our government representatives will also discuss how they dealt with the threat/attack and talk us through their crisis management response to a cyber breach.

With the complexity of cyber security and the sophistication of cyber-attacks it is important for governments to share information amongst themselves to be ahead of the criminals. There is also a need for the public sector to share information with private sector organisations such as banks, telecoms and utility firms who are also being targeted by cyber criminals.

Our 4th annual Cyber Intelligence Asia conference and exhibition will take place in Bangkok, Thailand. The Thai government have been actively improving their critical infrastructure from attacks and be hosting the event in Bangkok will allow the region to hear how Thailand have developed a strong cyber security system for their government agencies.

To take part in our international Cyber Intelligence Asia event either as a speaker, sponsor, exhibitor or delegate please email us at or call us on +44(0)1582 346 706.