Maximizing Non-Aeronautical Revenue Summit 2016

Event Information

Modern airports are no longer just providing infrastructure for airlines, but have evolved to a more sophisticated market entity with diversified revenue streams. Airport retail and auxiliary service segments have, therefore, becoming increasingly important for airport operators looking at its significant contribution towards the airport’s non-aeronautical revenue growth. One key success factor is to enhance customer profiling in terms of product needs, buying patterns, purchasing power and so on which could greatly affect the airports’ retail & revenue generation strategies and auxiliary service offerings.

In addition, creating engaging customer experience does play an important role in increasing expenditure per customer and customer satisfaction. Plus, the creation and provision of innovative products & services are also key in ensuring airports tap into untapped sales & marketing opportunities and create new revenue streams from airlines, passengers and event non-flying airport visitors.

The Maximizing Non-Aeronautical Revenue Summit 2016 will bring together Top Performing Airports of the SKYTRAX World Airport Awards 2016 where they will share their experiences and success stories in creating engaging customer experience and developing strategic approaches to maximise non-aeronautical revenue.

Gain strategic insights from over 20 industry experts on overcoming major challenges in maximising non-aeronautical revenue including understanding customer profiling, establishing effective retail strategies, creating engaging customer experience to boost commercial expenditure, commercial space design and retail positioning, latest proven products and services for passengers & non-flying visitors, incorporating technology to streamline airport retail activities and amongst others.

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