The APAC Airport Security Summit

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Security is a top priority for all airports. With a continually evolving landscape, airport security has to adapt to new threats while simultaneously striving for a seamless, secure, safe passenger journey.

The APAC Airport Security Summit will showcase examples of best practice in tackling the current challenges the industry faces. From recognising suspicious activities to understanding the latest threats, Airports must constantly improve network systems and internal processes, while maintaining the delicate balance between operational efficiency and safety for passengers and staff.

Attend & learn strategies to:

  • Identify, respond & prevent physical security threats
  • Embed a security first culture to improve the passenger experience
  • Maximise the benefits of new trends & technologies & unpack their implications
  • Bridge the gap between physical and cyber security

Key takeaways

  • Discuss effective incident response with all the relevant stakeholders
  • Assess how regional airports will meet security screening requirements with limited funding
  • Unpack how to mitigate the likelihood of insider attack
  • Hear about the latest trends in drones and anti-drone technology
  • Evaluate the overlap between physical and cyber security, and overcome barriers to change
  • Understand how to keep staff engaged in technology that needs less human intervention

Presented by a list of key stakeholders from across the industry including:

  • Dominic Nessi: Senior Technology Advisor, Aerotech Partners
  • Jo Decuyper: Chief, Federal Aviation Police Brussels Airport
  • Bill Burke: Chief Executive, Mildura Airport
  • Vanessa Holben: First Assistant Secretary Aviation & Maritime Security, Department of Home Affairs
  • Julie Stewart: Manager Airport & Aviation Development, Tamworth Regional Airport

For more information please download the event program or call our friendly customer service team on 1300 856 904.

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Event Profile

  • Who will attend?

    Airports, Airlines, Local Councils, Police & Emergency Services, Border Protection and Customs officials with roles including:

    • COO / CSO / CEO / CIO
    • Heads of Security
    • Security Officers
    • General Managers
    • Heads of Operation
    • Heads of Aviation
    • Emergency Response
    • Crisis Management
  • WORKSHOP A: Tactical Risk Assessment of People: Behavioural analysis techniques to identify those with negative intent

    Wednesday 31st July 2019 5:30pm – 8:30pm

    Now a recommended practice within Annex 17, behavioural analysis is regarded as an important element of the security web that protects airports and airlines from acts of unlawful interference. The motivation to deploy the techniques may be counterterrorism-focussed, but by utilising non-racial profiling the aviation industry can also identify and address other criminal activities – from human trafficking to unruly passengers, and from incorrectly documented passengers to insider threats. Philip Baum will be explaining how T.R.A.P. (Tactical Risk Assessment of People) can enhance your security regime without having a negative impact on passenger throughput or experience.

    What will you take away?

    • Case studies justifying the use of behavioural analysis
    • Strategies for performing behavioural analysis on the move and without causing delays
    • Understanding the importance of threat resolution protocols, including questioning techniques
    • Challenges in embracing behavioural analysis techniques within your security culture
    • Ideas as to what to do on Monday morning.

    Workshop Leader:

    Philip Baum
    Editor-in-Chief, Aviation Security International
    Managing Director, Green Light Limited

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  • WORKSHOP B: Cybersecurity for airport executives: Effective management of a cybersecurity program

    Thursday 1st August 2019, 9:00am – 5:00pm

    Effective management of a cybersecurity program goes well beyond the technology aspects of hardware and software. A resilient cybersecurity environment begins with a holistic organisational approach to technology governance, priority setting and understanding the risks an organisation faces, well before any technology is acquired. Establishing a “culture of security” within one’s organisation begins at the top and extends to every employee and stakeholder.

    This workshop will cover all of the basics in developing a successful cybersecurity program and will provide concrete examples on the pitfalls and challenges that will be faced along the way. It will provide a checklist of cybersecurity best practices that every organisation should ensure is present in their environment.

    From management oversight to system patching and computer forensics, this workshop covers all the essentials in a non-technical manner, providing a common ground between the management team and the IT Department. This course is also valuable for IT professionals who are looking to give themselves better insight on how to work with their management team.

    Benefits of Attending:

    Understanding the Real Threat

    • Who is attacking and why
    • The threat of Cyberwarfare from Nation States
    • Are you a target?
    • Ransomware and the latest threats

    Establishing an IT Governance Approach to Cybersecurity

    • Understand cybersecurity is the responsibility of the entire organisation
    • Consider options on how to best establish a governance approach in any size organisation
    • Learn best practices in setting priorities and strategies based on risk assessment
    • Develop an approach to organisational controls and policy making
    • Identify all of the basic cybersecurity policies that every organisation must have
    • Establish a focus on data and IT asset management

    Focus on Operational Resilience

    • Identify the best practices necessary to establish and maintain a resilient cyber-defense
    • Understand the concept of Deter, Detect, Delay and Respond
    • Consider the “Insider Threat” and how to best ensure it is addressed
    • Implement an effective disaster recovery and business continuity approach
    • Understand the basic terminology used between management and the IT Department

    If your Organisation is Attacked

    • Learn how to communicate to management, media and the public
    • Employ a computer forensics program to better understand the nature of the attack

    Workshop Leader

    Dominic Nessi
    Senior Technology Advisor, Aerotech Partners
    Former Deputy Executive Director & Chief Information Officer, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) USA

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    For more information please download the event program or call our friendly customer service team on 1300 856 904.

    Quote CC*AS when registering & save an additional $100 off the current price. Group discounts available.


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