UK Airport Safety Week 2016

Event Information

The Airport Operators Association (AOA) inaugural “UK Airports Safety Week” takes place during the week 19-25 September. The objective is to demonstrate a collaborative UK airports’ commitment to safety achievement, innovation, development and learning. In doing so across our AOA airports network we seek to raise awareness, educate and improve knowledge and enthusiasm for safety.

UK aviation is one of the most vibrant in Europe and is successful on the global stage. The standards of safety throughout our airports and industry are among the best in the world for a reason.

There are many highly experienced safety professionals within our airports, stakeholders and suppliers and many looking to join our fold. In pursuit of innovation we hope to inspire and appeal to a wider audience, including: students; members of the public; and young people.

The AOA “UK Airports Safety Week” is a national event with a deliberate and determined focus on aviation safety and is supported by the UK regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority. Quick to share learnings with each other as a natural part of our improvement philosophy, with the history and ethics to back it up, forms an essential constituent of our protective DNA which makes up our safety ethnicity.

A message from AOA Operations & Safety Director, Roger Koukkoullis:

“It remains a privilege for me to represent you and our industry in my day to day work. The AOA feels strongly about the issues we represent on your behalf and we wish you success in delivering your airport safety events, thank you for participating.  As we all continue to work to keep our airports as safe as they can be, may we never lose sight of this.

Planning for 2017 is already taking place and will bring greater collusion, more opportunities for promotion, media, resources and the outputs from 2016 to build upon.  Our Operations and Safety Group (OSG) will meet this October to outline plans for a 2017 pre-summer event.”

How are you taking part in UK Airports Safety Week?

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Which airports are taking part in UK Airports Safety Week?

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