Aviation Trends Conference 2018 Offers Aviation Stakeholders Insights into Building Future Air Hubs

Event 2018 Aviation Trends Conference
Organiser Carnoc.com, a leading Chinese aviation website operated by Hefei Hanglian Cultural & Communication Co., Ltd.
Event Date 15.08.2018
Press Release Date 23.08.2018

Hosted by Civil Aviation Resource Net of China (CARNOC.COM), one of the world’s most renowned Chinese civil aviation web portals, the Aviation Trends Conference 2018 is held on August 15-16 in Beijing, China.

Under the theme of ‘Building A New Type of Aviation Hubs’, the two-day event has attracted hundreds of decision-makers from governments, airlines, airport authorities, consulting companies, and tech companies to join dozens of featured speakers addressing critical issues in building air hubs, promoting air hub services, regional aviation, traffic monetization and non-aviation revenue, and aviation technologies.

During the plenary session on day 1, CADAS, the research body of CARNOC.COM, has made public the highly anticipated Aviation Market Trend Report which studies global aviation trends from a data-driven perspective. The report indicates that low-cost airlines have experienced continuous growth in both number of passengers and capacity while showing more and more interests in medium-haul and long-haul routes. In terms of fleet sizes, APAC, Europe, and North America are the top 3 low-cost aviation markets, having ordered an amount of wide-body aircraft equal to 88% of the active aircrafts.

In a number of themed speeches given on the first day, speakers from Ctrip, China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology (CAST), Xiamen Airlines, Landrum & Brown, Embraer, and Dubai Airports have shared their thoughts on topics covering big data and development strategy for aviation transfer market, competition between hubs, transfer product design for international hubs, regional aircraft and hubs, airline service and hub, and airport hub security.

The summit also run three panels on August 15th, centering on ‘Building the Overall Competitive Advantage of Airport Cluster with an Aviation Hub at Its Heart’, ‘Pain Points and Opportunities during Cross-airline Transfer’, and ‘Exploration of Development Path of Regional Aviation’. Featured moderators include Mr. Zheng Hongfeng, Founder and CEO of VariFlight, a leading aviation technology company.

Heated discussions continued on day two as speakers from Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Turkish Airlines, Changi Airport, Huawei, ICAO, IATA, CAAC, etc. each delivered thought-provoking speeches.

The forum came to a climax on August 16th when the Report on Operating Efficiency of Chinese Airports was released by VariFlight.


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