Just 7 weeks to go until the Defence Aviation Safety conference

Event Defence Aviation Safety Conference 2020
Organiser SMi Group Ltd.
Event Date 23.04.2020
Press Release Date 04.03.2020

With just 7 weeks to go until Defence Aviation Safety 2020, interested parties are urged to register for the event.

The Defence Aviation Safety conference is returning to London on the 23rd and 24th of April to explore aviation safety in depth, making it a key date for organisations who prioritise safety.

Last year, the event boasted 24 speakers from industry-leading safety regulators, operators and providers, including 5 essential briefings from the UK MoD showcasing the latest strategies and technologies being used to enhance aviation safety.

This year, the two-day event will highlight key topics in defence aviation, such as designing and maintaining safe air systems, certification, mutual recognition, safety data optimisation and greater collaboration between government and industry.

The conference will also provide the opportunity for delegates to network with senior military leaders in the aviation safety domain, as well as defence experts in government and industry from around the world.

With just over seven weeks to go, interested parties are encouraged to register for the event at http://www.defenceaviationsafety.com/pr9

Key topics will include:

  • Designing and maintaining safe air systems including the role of certification in each
  • Ensuring and assuring safe operation of air systems
  • Weapons safety and integration
  • Safe integration and certification of systems-of-systems
  • How military and industry can work together to apply standards more effectively to reduce the cost and length of the certification process
  • Mutual recognition and the shared use of available evidence
  • Certification requirements at different stages of a system’s lifecycle

The event promises to bring together experts from government and industry to discuss defence aviation safety in depth and explore strategies which aim to enhance the protection of lives and capability for aviators and ground crew operating in today’s battle environment.


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