Should selling be so hard?

Press Release Date 23.10.2019

At this year’s October 30-31 Wings of the Future Forum in Moscow, Nigel Dowden, SVP for Commercial Solution Business Development, Accelya — a leading global provider of technology products and services to the travel and transport industry — will look at an airline’s end-to-end sales process and how innovative airlines are driving profitability from both B2B and B2C markets.

In his speech at the forum, Nigel will explore the following areas:

  • Understand the primary gaps in an airline’s sales process
  • Learn how this process can be improved by joining up airline solutions
  • Look at real life scenarios where solution integration has delivered benefits
  • Are there bigger innovations that would radically drive profitability?
  • What sort of value would these drive, and when will they be market-ready?

Join Nigel to discuss different ways to drive profitability at your airline.

Date: October 30

Time:  Session 2. AIR TRANSPORT DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION starts at 12.20

This year’s Wings of the Future forum is taking place on October 30-31 at Moscow’s Renaissance Monarch Center Hotel. You can find additional information about the forum on our website. Representatives of the ‘Wings of the Future’ forum have consistently underscored their many years of experience by attracting exceptionally high levels of participation, both in numbers and in the quality of attendees. You can join them by reserving a place at the forum where you will not only receive access to discussions covering the most topical issues and innovative developments of commercial aviation, but also benefit from unlimited opportunities for informal networking.

The event is organised by Infomost Consulting, with support from the Russian Association of Air Transport Operators and the International Association of Airports.

Industry General Partner: S7 Technics

General sponsor of the Wings of the Future Award: SITA

Sponsors: Embraer, Lufthansa Technik, Sirena

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