2 Direction Slave Pallets


Slave Pallets are designed to the safe movement of aircraft pallets or ULDs using a Fork Lift Truck. Featuring side protection and Lift-Up Pallet Stops, cargo is kept in place preventing it falling from the pallet during the operation. Slave Pallets allow air cargo to be moved and stored easily and can be used in the event of a system breakdown ensuring your operation does not stop.

2 Direction Slave Pallets are designed and built to your exact requirements to provide you with a completely flexible and easy way to transport and store cargo pallets.

  • Designed to accept PMC, PAG, 2 x LD3 and LD11 aircraft pallets
  • Lift-Up Pallet Stops
  • Heavy duty rollers and stainless steel Ball-Units
  • Galvanised and/or powder coated
  • Fork Lift Truck Pockets
  • Safe working load up to 6,800 kg
  • Pallet weight 1,019 kg

Operating Height:

220 mm

Operating Dimensions:

3,211 mm (L)
2,550 mm (W)


3,300 mm (L)
2,700 mm (W)

If non-standard dimensions are required, please contact our sales department and one of our sales engineers will assist you.

Additional Options:

  • 4 Direction Slave Pallet
  • LD3 Slave Pallet