Aera® 300 L


Narrow-bodied with a clear geometry and elegantly curved lines: the Aera 300 L not only looks good, but is also sure to impress with its manoeuvrability and practical solutions for every detail.

  • Elegant curved design
  • Manoeuvrability sets it apart
  • Practical detail solutions

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Standard equipment
Steel, round-tube design. All-round bumper rail on the large loading area. Generous powder-coated basket. Can be nested to save space.

Galvanised, chrome-plated, transparent, polyester-coated. (image 2)

High-quality castors
Large, high-quality castors guarantee easy handling. (image 3)

Large, protective deflectors
Luggage remains undamaged. A detailed solutionuseful detail which helps the Aera 300 L to impress. (image 4)

Extra-Special feature included extra
The handle of the Aera 300 L is treated with an antibacterial coating, ensuring hygienic conditions. (image 5)

The all-round bumper rail protects the interior décor against damage. (image 6)