Aeron Radiometric


Our PTZ camera that is specifically design for fire and heat detection.

The Aeron Radiometric camera provides thermal alarming when temperature thresholds are exceeded, allowing early audible and visual alarms to protect valuable assets where the threat of fire, combustion or precise temperature measuring is required.

Perfect for applications where no conventional fire detection is suitable or reliable, such as aircraft hangars.

The Aeron Radiometric camera is also a great instrument for quick heat detection to protect high value assets and provide an early warning to allow operators to manage the situation before critical events occur. Applications could include:

  • Oil and gas flares
  • Power generation (substation/turbines)
  • Manufacturing
  • Supporting ranges up to 400m for most heat detection applications
  • 360° coverage with continuous rotation
  • Low and high temperature alarms to allow early heat detection
  • Detect hot spots through dust and smoke
  • Ability to set alarms based upon temperature readings up to 500°C
  • Temperature measured by adaptive colour scale
  • Up to 18 area alarms to allow accurate and specific area event monitoring
  • Secondary Starvis HD colour camera for event verification
  • Sealed for life, no maintenance
  • Focal length dependent speed control (HD zoom)