Air Conditioning unit – electrical driven


GUINAULT have used their historical expertise in cooling systems and military electronic aircraft ground support equipment to design a unique compact Air Conditioing unit for fighter aircraft.

GUINAULT claims the LOWEST  TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) through high reliability and highest efficiency in exteme condition:

– VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE CONDENSOR  AND VENTILATOR: the unit is fitted  with Variable Frequency Drive to adapt the airflow and airpressure to the exact aircraft requirement. The condensor ventilators are fitted as well with VFD to ensure the highest possible efficiency, in all outside temperature conditions.

– ELECTRONIC EXPANDER: Ensures high reliability and efficiency, whatever the outside conditions are; the unit is fitted  with a smart defrosting device, controlled by PLC.

– AIR/AIR INTERCOOLER: to reduce the power consumption.

– AIR PORTABILITY:  The unit is certified for air transportation in military cargo aircraft, and under helicopter (naturally  balanced);  the size of the unit (104  in x 84 in) fit to international standard cargo pallet.

– CONFORTABLE OPERATION:  The reduced  height  of the unit (1,60m / 5,16 feet) ensures a good manoeuvrability and visibility in congested area.

– EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS: Certified for operation  from – 32° C to + 55° C (- 25,6° F to 131° F). Certified in sand-wind, heavy rain – the unit is fitted with heavy duty covers to allow storage outside in extreme conditions.

– EMC MIL STD COMPLIANT: The unit is certified per MIL-STD-461 at highest level.

– ELECTRICAL DRIVE (60 kVA), available in option diesel driven.

– PLC CONTROL with data logging for user friendly troubleshooting

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Power supply: 3 phases 400V 50Hz / 440V 60Hz, ±10% between phase and neutral

Maximum input power: 60kW (in extreme conditions

Cable: 15 meters without plug

Air outlet:

Airflow: >18kg/min (40 PPM)

Air pressure: 550mbar gauge (8 PSIG) from -32°Cto +55°C (-25,6°F to +131°F) at sea level)

Number of outlets: 1

Air outlet temperature: + 10° C ± 2° C (+ 50° F ± 3,6° C)

Cooling power: 50kW

Temperature control: ± 1° C at hose end

Anti condensation mode:

Output flow: > 18 kg / min (40ppm) under 550 mBar gauge

Output temperature: + 28° C ± 2° C (+ 82.4 ° F ± 3,6° C)

Dimensions and weight:

Dimensions: 2800 x 2130 x 1600 mm

Weight: 2905 kg

Cooling system:

Compressor: Hermetic compact reciprocating (piston) compressor

Refrigerant: R134A

Condenser: Top mounted condenser made with copper tubes and aluminium fins. Variable speed fans (VFD controlled)

Expansion: Electronically regulated expansion valves

Evaporator: Copper tubes and aluminium fins with automatic defrosting system

Main blower: Roots compressor driven by variable speed (VFD controlled)