Airport Bus – Apron Bus – Diesel Version


The Mallaghan Árbus 50W is a high capacity airport bus, capable of carrying up to 118 passengers. This airport passenger bus, offers an unrivalled passenger experience and a range of product-enhancing features that can be tailored and modified to the exact requirements of our customers.

Our airport bus has been innovatively designed to include a robust structure to ensure lifetime durability, to provide superb driver visibility, kneeling air suspension and optional rear wheel steering which reduces the turning radius, making it a suitable airport bus for all airports across the world.

Main Drive Features:

  • MAN (6 Cylinder Engine for smoother driving).
  • Automatic Voith gearbox (for smooth driving).

Specification includes as standard:

  • Ease of access to key serviceable/ maintenance components.
  • 200L Fuel tank.
  • Separate AC units for driver and passenger.
  • Reversing camera (displayed on dash) and proximity sensors.
  • Suspension “Ferry Mode” to assist transportation.
  • Fully adjustable driver seat and steering wheel.

Sample Options:

  • Air curtains at each door.
  • Flip-down seating with options between 0-18 seats.
  • Various camera and entertainment system options