Airport Bus – Apron Bus – Electric Version


The Mallaghan Árbus electric airport bus models have a maximum passenger capacity of up to 118 passengers. They offer an unrivalled passenger experience and a range of product-enhancing features that can be tailored and modified to the exact requirements of our customers.

Our airport bus models have been innovatively designed to include a robust structure to ensure lifetime durability, to provide superb driver visibility, making it suitable for all airports across the world.


  • Tested and proven operational efficiency
  • High passenger capacity due to optimised standing area and flexible seating
  • Low operational and maintenance costs
  • Low noise and vibration levels
  • Powerful air conditioning units available
  • Low kneeling height for easier boarding

 Batteries and their capacity

  • 5 Battery capacity configurations to suit the needs of all airport sizes
  • Battery Capacity: Available between 63kWh – 315kWh

 Battery charging

  • No high request on electrical network to charge the bus
  • No major investments to charging infrastructure required
  • Opportunity charging available
  • On board charger available

 Main Drive Features:

Electric Motor:  250kW, Automotive Magnet Motor
Payload: 2 models available for up to 118 passengers according to IATA AHM 950

Specification includes as standard:

  • Ergonomic driver seat (LHS), dash layout, & co-driver seat
  • Three wide double doors both sides
  • Wheelchair ramp mid left-hand or right-hand side door

Sample Options:

  • Air con systems for both Passenger and Driver compartments
  • Foldable seats
  • Various camera and entertainment system options
  • Rear-facing Wing Replacement Cameras