Airport Operational Database (AODB)-AMACS



ANSART Airport Operational Database (AODB) networking system or AMACS – is a cost-effective and reliable solution developed to support our customers in automation of services in the field of airport operations.

ANSART solution provides support to the airport personnel in the field of processes related to the coordination of flight slots and the flight schedule development process, planning the utilisation of resources and airport personnel, management of the daily flight plan, control of technological schedules of aircraft maintenance, generation of various types of  invoices for service, generation of accounting volumes of services provided and income volumes from aircraft servicing, visual and sound information for airport passengers, passengers and baggage check in using an integrated approach based on modern information technologies.

The System central database, equipped with appropriate services and program interfaces, provides complete information management for making optimal decisions, allows to organize effective interaction with stakeholders and customers, ensures the ability to adapt the business to a rapidly changing environment, and increases the efficiency of enterprise management and its competitiveness.

The system applications provide a user-friendly HMI that includes convenient windows, dialog boxes and coloured tooltips.

ANSART solution also aims to improve operational efficiency of airport operations via real time information sharing between airport personnel, aircraft operators, ground handlers and air traffic control towards to the implementation of Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) concept. 

Remarkable system capabilities and features 

  • Comprehensive automation of airport core business processes.
  • Modular System design.
  • Unified database of the airport.
  • Formation of a unified regulatory reference database of the airport.
  • All airport information into one information space.
  • Quick change of workplace configurations based on flexible system settings.
  • Interaction with mobile employees online.
  • Reduced paper and voice environment.
  • Reduction of lost revenue due to digitalization of accounting services
  • Streamlining business processes and reducing gear ratios
  • AODB:
    • Table and tablet daily flight plan;
    • Operational adjustment of flights;
    • Flexible customization for each user;
    • View flight plan for any date;
    • Electronic incident logs;
    • Full integration with airport resource management modules;
    • Additional custom columns;
    • Online Alert Module;
    • Quick view panel for flight information.
  • Message Center:
    • AFTN, SITA, Email;
    • ACARS Parsing;
    • View all telegrams from any workplace;
    • Telegramming using templates;
    • Custom Telegram Designer;
    • Parsing and processing of more than 70 formalized messages;
    • Ability to manually control parsing results;
    • Telegrams on multiple channels.
  • GH control:
    • Graphic patterns editor servicing schedules;
    • Keeping patterns by type of flights, types of aircraft, airlines and etc.;
    • Operational control of the flight service;
    • Entering information about the beginning and the end of operations through; «Ramp work places»;
    • MTAT (minimal turn-around time) calculation;
    • Several schedules for one flight;
    • Table, graphics tablet, electronic apron map;
    • Status visualization works performers.
  • Mobile work places:
    • Access and work from mobile devices;
    • Improved Flight Service Efficiency;
    • Reliable operation time;
    • Ordering additional services from the platform
  • Message Broker
    • Integration with other airport IT systems
    • Data upload in various modes and formats
    • Various communication protocols
    • Network Error Handling
  • A-CDM
    • Quick and easy access to information
    • A lot of users
    • No software installation required
    • From anywhere in the world
    • Scheduled Help
    • Daily flight plan
    • Analytics

System modules availability

  • basic:
    • schedule;
    • AODB;
    • GH control;
    • message center;
    • message broker;
    • IT service.
  • resources:
    • terminal:
    • apron;
    • staff and vehicles;
    • mobile work places.
  • passenger information:
    • FIDS;
    • announcements;
    • aerobot.
  • passenger and baggage service
    • DCS;
    • passengers access control;
    • passengers transfer;
    • BRS.
  • additional:
    • slot coordination;
    • cargo;
    • A-CDM portal.



  • ICAO DOC 9137
  • EUROCAE: ED-141.
  • EUROCAE: ED-145.
  • EUROCAE: ED-146