Airport-Shopper ES


With this unique special model for escalators, customers are able to move safely from one airport level to another with ease. The proven Airport-Shopper ES is available exclusively from Wanzl.

  • Reliable luggage transport – even on escalators
  • Easy and safe handling
  • Generous advertising spaces

Luggage is transported safely when using escalators, on a virtually horizontal loading area when using escalators. (image 1)

Safe engaging
The Wanzl type 5 travelator castor engages reliably on escalators. (image 2)

Belt for securing hand luggage provided as standard. (image 3)

Full catalogue: Airport Solutions
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Static/dynamic load capacity 150/80 kg
Nesting depth 250 mm
Weight 24 kg
Advertising space 2,655 cm² / 874 in²
Castor wheels 2 fixed castors, 1 travelator castor
Castors Ø 160 mm
Material Steel, galvanised chrome
Finish transparent, polyester-coated
Load on escalators 20 kg/30°
Bottom tray yes