Apron Cable Retriever


Cable Retriever on Feet

The APRON has been developed on the mechnical basis of the RAM402 “Skypit” cable retriever.

It shares with the RAM402 the high protection level of the aircraft cable and the high reliability of its mechanism.

It is conceived for remote parking positions, positions without passenger bridge or any other place where equipment on the ground is the best solution.

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Dimensions of the whole system incl. connection box:
W x D x H: approx. 1350 mm x 1000 mm x 1500 mm
Weight without cable: approx. 300 kg
Weight of a 30 m cable: 110 kg
Total weight with cable: 410 kg

Cable case: aluminum, epoxy painting
Bed frame: metallic coated steel, epoxy painted
Color: white RAL 9003 and metallic grey RAL 9006 (other colors on request)

400 Hz cable:
Cable supplied as standard: leoni studer betajet deltaflex 3x(50 mm² + 20 mm² concentric Pen + 8×1 mm²)
Maximum length: 40 m
Other aircraft cables available upon request:
The APRON is built to be compatible with all types of flexible cable.

Motor power supply: 50/60 hz, 200/400v three-phase
Operating temperature range: -40°C to 80°C with specific lubrication
Weather resistance: iP 55
Remote control: on the aircraft connector (cable in/out, 400 hz on/off, emergency stop)