ANSART ATIS solution is reliable and cost-effective automated system which combines ATIS (D-ATIS) / VOLMET (D-VOLMET) functionality enabling ANSPs to provide arriving and departing aircraft with operational and meteorological information (actual weather conditions, aeronautical information and other relevant data for landing and take-off; current and predicted weather conditions for other airports) in the terminal area both via a voice broadcast information service and datalink.

Our solution implements the principle of “hot backup” servers providing uninterrupted operation even under emergency situations and can significantly reduce the controller workload and the load of the command radio links between pilots and air traffic controllers.

The System was developed in accordance with all spectrum of requirements of the International and European Standards, Regulations, Specifications and Guidelines as a complete solution for ATIS and VOLMET broadcasts.

System capabilities and features 

  • Automated and manual generation of ATIS and VOLMET voice and data messages.
  • Automated ATIS and VOLMET voice broadcast via radio and telephone line.
  • Automated D-ATIS and D-VOLMET provision via Data Link.
  • interface with subsystems and external systems via AFTN, Ethernet LAN RS-232.
  • Manual and automated (AWOS, AFTN, AMHS) data input.
  • Automated processing of METAR, SPECI, MET REPORT, SPECIAL, SIGMET, SNOWTAM, TAF messages.
  • Speech synthesizer and library of pre-recorded samples.
  • Possibility to insert supplementary data into broadcast.
  • Broadcasting Language Selection:
    • parallel broadcast in different languages on separate channels;
    • successive broadcasts on one channel.
  • built-in administrating, configuring and monitoring software allowing:
    • monitor of the current state of the equipment and modes of operation;
    • display of diagnostic information (equipment state, LAN state);
    • receive audio and visual alerting of any condition that requires attention of the attending personnel;
    • configure the system parameters;
    • immediate switchover to the standby equipment sets in case of failure, with the switchover time of no more than 10 seconds;
    • automatic switchover to the battery in case of power failure.
  • automatic transmission of ATIS/VOLMET messages in English and Russian to an analogue telephone line for information listening.
  • interface with a universal time system/equipment for time information updates.
  • manual time correction if required.
  • time synchronization via GNSS receiver.
  • access control and protection of its information and software against unauthorized access and user mistakes.

System operation modes

Two independent special system software ATIS and VOLMET modules enables system to operate in following modes:

  • “ATIS”;
  • “VOLMET”;
  • “ATIS + VOLMET”.

System configuration 

The system uses a star configuration with the servers being the core of the system.

The servers, as well as all other subsystems and communication links include two independent sets to ensure the system reliability and fault tolerance.

The servers, the displays for graphic presentation of weather information and the operator workstations are interconnected on a dual LAN.

The servers in each set continuously monitor each other’s state. While one of the servers in a pair acts as the main one and performs broadcasting, the other one runs in hot backup mode ready to automatically take over and start broadcasting in case of failure of the first server.

System components

  • server cabinet.
  • administrator workstation.
  • operator workstation.
  • monitoring workstation.
  • weather display workstation.

The automated workstations of the system are universal and can be combined. The functionality of the workstation is determined by the needs of each user.


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