Atmospheric Hydroxyl Generator for removal of all viruses and bacteria from all surfaces


There now exists a way to be pathogen free on all surfaces without disrupting a schedule or closing down parts of a facility to allow “deep cleaning” to take place. The system we manufacture is non-chemical, near zero-maintenance (optic/filter change annually) and perfectly safe that it can run in the same area as people are congregated.

Atmospheric Hydroxyls are a natural component in the air we breathe. They are generated in nature by the reaction of the sun’s ultraviolet light-rays on water (H2O) vapour. This process alters the composition of the water molecule and produces the hydroxyl (depicted as OH or HO·), which is highly reactive. Hydroxyls seek other molecules to bind with, and in so doing, alter their molecular structure, through reduction chemistry. In this process the hydroxyl molecule interacts with and cleanses the atmosphere of pollutants, toxins, bacteria, mould, virus and more.

The Hydroxyl Generator mimics the sun’s ability to create these hydroxyls by artificially generating multiple wavelengths of ultraviolet light which collide with water vapour drawn across them by a fan. The remarkable aspect of the generator is that the hydroxyl molecule can now be created indoors. The generated hydroxyls mimic those created atmospherically. Hydroxyls react so fast that they do not accumulate in nature or in the environment of the generator itself.

Hydroxyls produced by the generator have the same reactivity and mimic the behaviour of nature’s hydroxyls in their ability to neutralize contaminants/pollutants from both the air and surfaces.

This process means that in any working environment, Hydroxyls can now be generated in the same quantity as in nature, they bind to the virus or bacteria pathogen and neutralise it. No more need for ineffective bleach-based products, fogging systems or UV light wands. Hydroxyls are effective on all surfaces – glass, fabric, plastic, metal, wood. Designed to run continuously, the system is provided as a standalone model, which could be installed into any public space providing 24/7 protection against all known pathogen build ups. 

There are 5 different models of system currently, designed for different areas and square footage. The smallest unit delivers up to 500sq ft, going right up to 500,000 sq ft+. We can also, for larger areas such as terminals, work with the existing schematics of an aircon or HVAC system and integrate the Hydroxyl generating component into that.

More information on the Hydroxyl System can be sent to you or by visiting our website.

Specifications (500 sq ft unit)

Dimensions: 12.5” x 18.5” x 25” (307mm x 470mm x 635mm)

Weight: 35lbs (16kg)

Power Requirements:

120 Volt AC, 1.9 Amp, 60 Hz (North America Model)

240 Volt AC, 0.9 Amp, 50 Hz (International)

Control: Variable Speed Switch/Selector Switch

Meter: 1/10 Quartz Hour Meter

Mobility: Handle/Rubber Feet, Optional Wheeled Cart

Noise Level: <45 dBA

Number of Optics: 2