B-Cidal is a proprietary, landmark sterilising agent which is the only such product on the market to have actually been tested against and proven effective against Sars-Cov-2 the viral strain more commonly known as Covid-19. These results are not assumed based on other tests working on other coronaviruses. Results are available and attached.

B-Cidal is a “safe-acid”, it is blended in such a way that it has a PH value of 0.9 but is perfectly safe to touch and ingest, should that occur.

Viruses have protein cases and the acid, in contact with the virus erodes the protein and hence kills the virus. Contact time is everything and with B-Cidal you simply spray onto a surface and leave it to work, you do not wipe it away. Wiping simply moves the virus to another surface if the contact time has not been permitted to work.

B-Cidal has been under development for a number of years and is most definitely no Covid-fad! Further details are available directly from us or via http://www.gdp.org.uk/bcidal.html.

Final Report (PDF)
Lab Report (PDF)

MSDS Data sheet is available on the website