Baggage belt conveyor


The baggage belt conveyor is an electric conveyor (horizontal or inclined, to go up or down). It is used for the transport in baggage handling systems (BHS). MATREX designs and manufactures 4 baggage conveyors: baggage collector conveyor, sequencing conveyor, injection conveyor and orthogonal conveyor. Each baggage conveyor has a specific function in the BHS. They allow baggage to be transferred in the same direction or to make 90° changes of direction.

  1. Baggage collector conveyor

The baggage collector conveyor is connected to the baggage check-in conveyor. It allows to group the baggage and to move it to the baggage sorting. The baggage can be injected manually by the check-in operator or officer (visual injection), or automatically using sensors and an encoder (virtual windowing). The baggage collector conveyor can be installed in the passenger area (brushed stainless steel finish) or in the restricted area (steel finish) with a separation wall.

  1. Sequencing conveyor

The sequencing conveyor allows to separate of the baggage to do optimal tracking before and after the security control mechanism (RX, EDS). Baggage separation is achieved by increasing the speed of the following conveyor and the previous one. The sequencing conveyor allows the baggage to be feeded one by one into the screening machines, avoiding the saturation of the sorting lines.

  1. Injection conveyor

The injection conveyor is used to inject baggage on a baggage reclaim carousel. The injection is carried out with a virtual windowing system and a baggage presence detection cell located on the carousel in front of the injection area.

  1. Orthogonal conveyor

The orthogonal conveyor allows the transfer of baggage at 90°, from one conveyor to another. To achieve this transfer, the belt must be sliding, rigid and transverse.

Belt baggage conveyor options:

  • Protective side panels
  • Stainless steel gear motor protection cover if motor visible to passengers
  • 1 cell/reflector support
  • Type of band with grip if climbing conveyor, sliding, rigid transverse…
  • Variable speed drive for 8m top conveyor
  • Encoder