Baggage Carousel – Reclaim or Makeup – Horizontal or inclined


Robson baggage carousels – friction drive – flexibility, reliability, efficiency, easy to maintain.

An endless surface where baggage can be displayed for reclaim or make-up. Robustly constructed, flexible in design delivering maximum safety and user friendly features.

Modular and durable design – A combination of straight and radius sections provides the flexibility to accommodate the available space.

The conveying surface comprises of overlapping flexible rubber slats, supported on the underside by steel carriers.

A choice of finishing materials Stainless Steel, powder coated finish or galvanised, ideal for Landside or Airside service.

Aftermarket: Call out support, 24 hour help line, maintenance support, refurbishment service and Spares.

Carousel spares and refurbishment also available for any existing CAT Chain units, spares include chain, track, CAT chain, GMU etc.

Length: Unlimited to suit building constraints

Widths: 1000mm slat

Bend Diameter: Min 1150mm – Max unlimited

Material: Mild Steel or Stainless Steel

Finish Choice: Mild Steel – Galvanised or Powder Coated or Stainless Steel – 240 grit finish Stainless Steel

Speed: Typically 0.45 metres per second but upto 1 metre per second.

Capacity: Maximum chain pull 540 kg

Friction Drive:  Composite, Bi directional blocks, driven by a friction belt

Slats: Flame retardant rubber slats to ISO 340

Emergency Control Passenger Reclaim: Mounted or recessed EStop / Makeup Area: EStop or Pullwires

Drive: SEW, Nord, Siemens plus others