Baggage check-in conveyor


MATREX designs and manufactures check-in conveyors which allow for an effective, fast and smooth baggage check-in.

In fact, they can be perfectly adapted to airline companies’ needs and airport constraints. They ensure passenger and airport staff comfort.

MATREX equipment allows for weighing, labelling and baggage injection, by using one, two or three belts.

  1. Standard baggage check-in conveyor

Standard baggage check-in conveyors enable the check-in of IATA standard size baggage :

  • Simple with 1, 2 or 3 belts
  • Double with 1, 2 or 3 belts (check-in conveyors are set up side-by-side)

They are equipped with different types of belts depending on their function :

  • Weighing function : heat-treated black grid belt
  • Labelling and/or injection function : gripping belt (on inclined conveyors) or smooth belt (on horizontal conveyor)

Included accessories :

  • 1 sensor (baggage detection)
  • Sensor connecting box
  • Double-face baggage weight display
  1. Odd-size baggage check-in conveyor

Baggage which by dimension and/or weight exceeds IATA standard baggage limits must be separately handled by specialised and adapted conveyors.

Our odd-size baggage check-in conveyors are equipped with smooth belt. However, MATREX can adapt its products (dimensions, belt…) to customer needs and constraints.

Included accessories :

  • 4 sensors (baggage detection)
  • Sensor connecting box
  • Double-face baggage weight display

Advantages :

  • Fast and effective baggage handling
  • Conception (stainless steel) and coherence with interior airport design
  • Easy-to-use check-in conveyors
  • Optimised design of check-in areas
  • Easy-to-maintain (conveyors on castors, fast belt replacement…)