Ball Matt and Castor Beds, Dolly and Portable Pallet Mover


We can design and install Ball Matt or Castor Decks, for any scale Also carry out maintenance and do repairs quickly.
The decks allow for manual movement of Uld aircraft pallets through a cargo system. The top deck can be perforated and non-slip for outdoor use.

We can construct them to any requirements, that you may have from a small loading area to a large build and breakdown facility.

We fabricate and modify Uld’s , Dolly’s to our customer’s needs. We can make to order with either two way or four way entry. This can benefit for either unloading trucks or loading and unloading systems. It comes with rollers, castors or ball matting beds. Also finger stops or guides can be installed depending on how it is used.

Portable Pallet Mover
The pallet mover is our solution for companies who do not have the budget or space for a slave master. This piece of equipment is designed and created by 4 Maintenance. It is designed for a small forklift, to have a custom made attachment fitted which will lift one end and manoeuvre with two swivel wheels on the other. Moving 7 ton pallets with ease, then the forklift can put it down and carry on with its normal operation.

Ball Matt and Castor Beds… Various size and Ball Matt products. 360 degree swivel castors and any size deck

Scales can also be fitted, finger stop walkways can be added Inside and outside use.

Dolly – Designed for 10ft Uld’s , finger stops, 2 way or 4 way entry, rollers, ball matting or castor beds.

Portable Pallet Mover – Designed for 10ft Uld pallets, weight capacity 7 ton. Finger pallet stops, ball matting or roller bed, wheel guards.