Bee*pure Bio Special Cleaner Vehicles

Special Cleaner
  • Biotechnological cleaner for the exterior washing of vehicles of all kinds.
  • Can be used both for manual cleaning as well as for scrubbing and high pressure cleaning systems.
  • Removes the dirt without damaging materials.


The applied technology is based on the combination of readily biodegradable surfactants and natural bacterial cultures. The combination of the ingredients achieves extraordinary cleaning results and does not require organic solvents with high pH values. The presence of bacterial cultures removes bad odours from the settling tanks and recycling tanks where the wastewater collects.


1:600 to 1:2000

Instructions for use:

Manual cleaning:
  • 1. Before using the cleaner, rinse the vehicle with water.
  • 2. Apply cleaning solution with e.g. wash broom or wash glove.
  • 3. Scrub the vehicle from top to bottom until foam forms.
  • 4. Exposure time approx. 5 minutes.
  • 5. Rinse the vehicle with plenty of water.

Cleaning instructions:

  • Please note our dosing recommendation, as this saves costs and protects the environment.
  • Do not mix  Bio Special Cleaner Vehicles with other cleaners.
  • Avoid the use of harmful substances or chlorinated cleaning agents on floor coverings.
  • Always clean, starting from the top down or from the cleanest to the dirtiest area.
  • Do not use the cleaner on natural floors and universal wood floors (gray haze possible).
  • Leave the installation of the bee*pure® dosing system to our service staff.


15 – 30 % non-ionic surfactant, <5% amphotere surfactant, enzymes, bacterial cultures, dye, perfume, preservatives. For professional use only.