BIG SIZE Doors - Insulated doors and closures for exceptional dimensions


We produce motorized doors insulated with new construction technologies that allow us to close even passageways of very large dimensions »

Particular industrial sectors, such as the aeronautical or naval sectors, require doors of truly exceptional size and weight and with extraordinary insulation and strength characteristics, difficult to obtain with products of standard size.

Thanks to the experience and design capacity of our research and development department, we have developed a new production technology of SUPERTHERMIC panels with a dedicated system capable of producing perfectly coplanar panels with height up to 12,500 mm and thickness of 120 mm.

The figure below compares the height and thickness of the panels used for this series of doors, which can be achieved mainly with the LIBRUM and FLUX models.

We are probably unique in this sector, therefore we are able to govern and manage projects for the closure of passages with SUPERTHERMIC LIBRUM and FLUX models:

  • length up to and over 50 meters
  • height up to 12.5 meters

IMVA Industrial Doors: from the planning phase up to the final testing.