Cable Carrying Crocodile


JLC has consulted with airside operations engineers to manufacture and produce a safe, robust cable-carrier that is designed to meet the needs of the crews that operate them.

JLC’s Unique Design

Our cable carrier integrates ‘knuckles’ into its design to ensure the protection of the high voltage cables during perio

ds of movement, therefore providing the cable with a longer lifespan. The cable basket itself is built to withstand both environmental threats and negligence of use, and all areas of the structure are designed to perform under pressure. Our unique design also allows the product to be stored away in an efficient manner when not in use, allowing for more free movement around the area and preventing a potential tripping hazard.

Our modular design is easy to install and maintain, and means that we can configure the product to fit its environment no matter the limitations.

Reliability Is Our Priority

JLC Aviation provides a comprehensive range of ground power unit servicing and maintenance packages for all of our airside equipment, ensuring the equipment is always operating reliably, efficiently and safely. Our maintenance programmes include inspection, repair and remedial work, plus the provision of replacement cables, connectors and spare parts. To minimise the downtime in operation, a GPU service can be carried out on-site by JLC’s experienced and fully trained team of service engineers.