'Skypit' Cable Retriever


400HZ Cable Retriever Mounted on Passenger Bridge

Its mechanical design is such that moving or rotating elements and electrical contacts have been reduced to the bare minimum, in order to minimise the risk of breakdown and the need for maintenance.

The cable is stored naturally by gravitation, avoiding useless rotation and twisting, to optimise its life expectation.

The position of the retriever on the side of the bridge eliminates the risk of collision with vehicles driving around the aircraft.

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Dimensions of the whole system incl. connection box:
W x D x H: 1360 mm x 490 mm x 3181 mm
Weight without cable: 320 kg
Weight of a 30 m cable: 110 kg
Total weight with cable: 4300 kg
• Construction:
Cable case: aluminum, stainless steel, epoxy painting
Bed frame: stainless steel
Color: metallic grey RAL 9006 (other colors on request)
400 Hz cable:
maximum length: 30 m
Type: by construction, any flexible cable type is compatible with the skypit
Motor power supply: 50/60 hz, 400v three-phase
Operating temperature range: -40°c to 80°c with specific lubrication
Weather resistance: ip 55
Remote control: at the bottom of the bridge and on the aircraft connector (cable in/out, 400 hz on/off, emergency stop)